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The is the website for Earl Cox and Lynette Khalfani-Cox. Earl is a retail sales professional and a veteran of the publishing industry. Lynnette is a money coach who also responsible for the overall direction of the website: – Vadim Guzhva ©

Who is the Money Coach?

Lynnette was a Wall Street Journal reporter for CNBC where she covered personal and business finance news. She has also been a correspondent for the Philadelphia Inquirer, a writer and assistant producer for WTXF in Philadelphia, and a writer for the Associated Press in Los Angeles.

Who is Earl Cox?

Earl is president of LLC and manages the company’s websites. He handles all business and marketing transactions while leaving the coaching to his wife, Lynnette. Earl also ran his own boutique literary agency where he represented non-fiction business writers and celebrity authors.

What is

This is the name of the company run by Lynette and Earl. The official business title is The LLC. It is a financial education firm which specializes in financial management information delivered through various methods – workshops, seminars, videos, e-books and digital content, as well as coaching.

The company also runs, a free financial information website for consumers, and Advantage World Press, an independent publisher of business books and personal finance information.

What is the Mission of the Money Coach?

Lynnette and earl believe in helping enhance the financial literacy of individuals, couples, and families. They also extend their teaching to companies, organizations, colleges, schools, and government agencies. Their mission is to spread the word about sound financial management.

Financial Coaching Content and Books

If you go to, you’ll find a easy-to-navigate website with some valuable information and links to some great money books. Lynnette looks to be a prolific writer. Available titles include:

Your First Million. A seven-step plan on how to manage money, pay off debt, build good credit, and work towards your first million dollars in wealth.

  • Perfect Credit: 7 Steps to a Great Credit Rating. It’s a perfect read for anyone who wants to establish credit, fix their credit, or just improve their already good credit.
  • Zero Debt: The Ultimate Guide to Financial Freedom. This was a New York Times bestseller and offers great advice on becoming debt free and achieving financial freedom.
  • With these and other books, The Money Coach, Lynnette Khalfani-Cox has you covered when it comes to getting debt free, making lifestyle changes to improve your financial habits, and achieving financial piece of mind.

Who Needs Money Coaching?

Money coaching isn’t just for people who are saddled with debt, though it can certainly help them. Money coaching is for anyone who wants to improve their financial literacy and money habits. Money coaching is for anyone who wants to get debt free, improve their credit, preserve wealth, and achieve their financial dreams.

Lynnette Khalfani-Cox is one of the best money coaches around, and her books offer a wealth (pun intended) of advice for both individuals and even other coaches. Yes, coaches, you can learn from other established coaches. Check out her books and services at

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