All About the National Coaching Certification Program

If you are a sports coach aspiring to coach at the interscholastic level in Canada, it would be helpful to enrol in a National Coaching Certification Program course. National Coaching Certification Programs educate and certify Canadian coaches in the art, science and skills of sport coaching.The attainment of this certification will enhance your ability as a sports coach and allow you to better serve your students, the sporting community and the profession of coaching.

What is the National Coaching Certification Program?

Launched in 1974, the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) is a coach training and certification program offered in over 65 sports in Canada. A partnership between the Coaching Association of Canada, the Canadian government, and more than 60 national sport organizations and associations, the program is Canada’s recognized training and certification program. It caters to a wide range of coaches — from those who coach beginners to those working with high performance athletes.

Since the late 1990s, the NCCP has gone through extensive evaluations and a major redevelopment. Among the key changes is a shift in emphasis from “what a coach knows” to “what a coach can do”. In the new NCCP model, training and certification programs address the full range of sports in Canada at various clearly defined needs and levels of skill of participants and in a variety of settings.

The new competency-based model distinguishes between training and certification. Coaches can participate in training programs to acquire or refine their skills and knowledge required for a particular coaching area as defined by a specific sport. To be NCCP certified, coaches are evaluated based on their demonstrated ability to perform within a coaching context in areas such as basic sports program design, practice planning, performance analysis, ethical coaching, and support to participants during training and in competition.

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Certified NCCP coaches gain credibility in the sporting community and the athletes they coach because they have been trained and evaluated for doing what is required of them as a competent coach in their field of sport and meet the high standards established by more than 60 national sport organizations in Canada.

Nurturing Seeds and Reaping the Rewards

The effects that sports coaching can have on a young child or youth can help them to gain some important skills that they can keep for the rest of their lifetime. The skills that you will be teaching to your players will help them to grow and flourish, no matter what turn they make in their lifetime.

The first major lesson that individuals can learn from playing on a team comes from the relationships that they build with each other. When they are able to work in a team and learn how to compromise and fit into the bigger picture, it makes it easier for them later on in their lives. The youth and children who are involved will grow up with ideas about what it means to help others as well as take on their own leadership roles. 

Children and youth will also be able to gain insights into which they are as individual players. Once a child or youth understands the game and begins to get positive feedback from the moves that they make, they are likely to also get a good dose of self-esteem and have better perceptions of themselves. The positive outlooks on their mental and physical health will eventually carry over into how they see themselves in the future and as adults. The foundation begins when they are young and playing any type of sport.

What does all of this mean to you as a coach? The basic rule is that you should have the ability to coach right and programs like the National Coaching Certification Program can help you provide quality coaching. You are not just coaching them to win a game. You are also building a foundation for them. This foundation includes personal changes that are important to the child as well as building who they are mentally, physically and relation to others. 

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