All About the Evercoach Master’s Circle

If you are thinking about becoming a master coach, then the Evercoach Master’s Circle can be a great option for you. Most successful coaches earn 6 to 7 figure annual salaries, and anyone can reach that level with hard work and dedication. What’s best about the Evercoach master training is that you get the chance to learn from successful master coaches like Steve Chandler, Rich Litvin, and Vishen Lakhiani.

What is the Evercoach Master’s Circle?

Created by Mindvalley, an online personal growth platform, the Evercoach Master’s Circle is like a magic box that is specially designed for coaches to enhance their skills and techniques. It teaches them how they can transform their clients and get desired outcomes from that transformation. It provides you all the required pieces of training that you need to become more successful in coaching. You get coaching from the best masters of coaching. The best part is that you can also learn how they coach their clients. This will help enhance the skills you need to transform your clients.

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Why should you be a master coach?

According to the Forbes Coaching Council, a master coach must acquire 10 years or 10000 hours of experience in coaching. The point is, to be able to transform the life of your client so he or she can get the desired outcome, you must have proper experience in coaching and learn from the masters. By learning directly from the most successful coaches on earth — the secrets of how money is REALLY made in coaching — and putting it to work to help your clients achieve success in life or at work, you can take your coaching skills — and profits — to an entirely new level.

What can you learn from this training?

The Evercoach Master’s training can be divided into four stages:

Stage 1: The Soldier

Stage 2: The Knight/Dame

Stage 3: Prince/ Princess

Stage 4: King/ Queen

  1. The Soldier

This stage is suitable for those who just got started in coaching and are inspired to learn more about coaching. You are still new to coaching and interested to know how to get more clients.

  1. The Knight 

When you start feeling confident with your clients and probably earn around $10k to $50k, it means that you have reached the second stage of mastery. At this stage, you want to learn how to earn more without burning out.

  1. Prince/Princess

If you are in the coaching industry for 2 to 5 years and earning a good income of almost $200k per annum, it means that you are at the third stage of mastery. At this stage, you want to know how you can have a coaching business that works for you instead of you working on the business all the time.

  1. King/Queen

The fourth and final stage is when you get enough experience in your coaching niche and you want to make a bigger impact on your clients. If you have a solid online presence, selling your digital programs, and earning an annual income of $500,000 to $1,000,000, it means that you are at the final stage.

This training is for everyone irrespective of their stage. Your current stage defines your level of success and it will help you reach the next stage of mastery. Being in the Evercoach Master’s Circle makes it easy for coaches to learn from the world’s best coaches and work with them. By knowing the best strategies and having a winning mindset, you can also apply the same formula in your business to achieve more success and overcome your biggest challenges.

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