Keys You’ll Need to Become a Success Coach: Simple but Effective Success Coaching Strategies

Why do people hire a success coach?  Is it because that person is the most successful person they know?  Or is success coaching valued for something else?   A success coach is valuable if he can help others achieve the success they want.  Success coaching that goes beyond climbing the corporate ladder at all costs can bring success in all areas of a person’s life.  And to me, that is true success.

A Success Coach Helps Clients Find Outstanding Role Models

The first key a success coach needs to share with his success coaching clients is to find outstanding role models.  Not just good role models, but role models who are so great at what they do that they are inspirational.  Teach them to use role models to learn techniques, pick up verbal scripts, and even model how they dress.  Get your clients to step into their shoes and emulate who they are.

Success Coaching Can Teach the Importance of Creating an Environment Ideal for Learning

The next key a success coach needs to share with his success coaching clients is to create an environment that is ideal for learning.  If you want to study a new language, the easiest way to become proficient is to go to a country where that language is the primary language.  In the same way, your success coaching clients needs an environment that is optimal for success.

As a Success Coach You Foster the Necessity for Repetition Until Mastery is Achieved

Another key a success coach needs to get their success coaching clients to do is to get in the habit of repeating actions that work.  Again and again until they achieve mastery.  I’ve heard many people tell me that they’ve tried something before and had success, but haven’t done it in awhile for no apparent reason other than something else came up.  Don’t let your clients get lured by the ‘shiny object syndrome’ where they follow the latest fads and forget things that have been proven to get results.

Success Coaching Requires Intensity

And the final key a success coach needs to develop in their success coaching clients is intensity.  Your success coaching clients need to understand that they must show up prepared to play at a high level.  This mindset alone will change the outcome for just about any action, and literally change their lives within a single coaching session.

Colette Seymann

JTS Advisors Bi-Designated Strategy and Accountability Coach

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