A Quick Life Coaching Certification – The Coach Training Academy Fast Track Program

Are you looking for a quick life coaching certification ICF approved program to get you started in your coaching career? How about you check out The Coach Training Academy’s Two-Day Fast Track Coaching Program.

The Coach Training Academy (CTA)

The coach training academy was founded by Brian Radomski, an entrepreneur, executive coach, and Steven Kiges, speaker, author, entrepreneur, and coach trainer. The organization was the forerunner in coach training and certification since its inception in 1992. Their mandate is to provide a superior learning experience adopting the most recent technology while creating a dynamic, interactive, and safe learning environment. They currently offer three ICF (International Coach Federation) and CCA (Certified Coaches Alliance) accredited, professional certified online coach training programs to students within the United States and around the world. Their main office is located in Blaine, Washington, with other locations in New York and Bangkok, Thailand.

Is a Quick Life Coaching Certification For me?

The quick life coaching certification program is not for everyone. A fast-paced certification program is ideal for anyone with a hectic schedule and seeking a coach training program to accommodate his or her schedule by offering some flexibility. The primary candidate for this type of program has to be self-disciplined, motivated, physically, and mentally ready to commit to an accelerated schedule.

About The Coach Training Academy Two Day Accelerated Program

The CTA has uniquely designed a two-day fast track coaching certification program. It is one that will help coaches enable their clients to achieve a higher level of success and a more vibrant, more fulfilling life. It is a comprehensive program delivered via interactive teleconference classes and webinars over two days. It is approved by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), and the program includes everything required to complete your coaching certification satisfactorily. The program costs USD 797.00.

What The Classes Comprise of:

Fast Track Coaching Day One:

  • Introduction / Background of Coaching
  • Structure & Process / Four Stages of Coaching
  • The Co-Creative Relationship / Building Rapport
  • Skill Building – Listening
  • Understanding the Way Your Client Sees The World
  • Skill Building – Asking Great Questions
  • Building Great Questions (How to explore a client’s mid maps)
  • Skills Building – Giving Supportive Feedback
  • Understanding Your Client’s Personal Perspective
  • Interactive Exercise – Understanding Your Client’s Personal Perspective

Fast Track Coaching Day Two:

  • Welcome and Review
  • Understanding Your Client’s Predominant Modality
  • Interactive Predominant Modality Exercise (Students are partnered for an active exercise.)
  • Introduction to the Success Conversion Coaching Model
  • Interactive coaching practice (Students are partnered to actively practice coaching.)
  • Q & A session
  • Discovery of Your Client’s Meta Programs
  • Interactive Meta Program Exercise (Students are partnered to actively practice.)
  • Q & A session
  • Success Conversion Coaching – Enrollment Strategy
  • The Coaching Agreement
  • Conclusion and Q & A

The Coach Training Academy is one of the very few ICF approved coach training programs offering quick life coaching certification at an affordable cost. If you are eager to start an exciting career as a professional life coach or are already a life coach seeking quality certification then the CTA’s accelerated coach certification program might be your best option. 

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