Would You walk on Burning Coals at a Tony Robbins Firewalk?

Have you heard of the Tony Robbins Firewalk? It’s a test of toughness and strength that you have to pass if you want to be a famous coach like Tony Robbins. Just walk over a bunch of burning coals and you’ll be on your way to being rich and famous like Tony Robbins!

Tony Robbins Firewalk
Tony Robbins Firewalk

Tony Robbins On Fire in Dallas

I’ve exaggerated a bit, but the Tony Robbins firewalk is an actual thing. Yes, people walk on burning coals in the 21st century! Tony Robbins may not promise fame and fortune, but it’s used as a motivational technique to help people overcome fears and reach for their dreams.

At a recent event in Dallas, Texas, motivational speaker Tony Robbins encouraged individuals to walk on burning coals as a way of overcoming their fears. This firewalk was part of a four-day seminar in Dallas called “Unleash the Power Within.” It appears that walking on burning coals is sometimes part of Robbins’s seminars.

Several People Injured at Tony Robbins Firewalk

Whether it helps to make you rich and famous is debatable, walking on coals can serve as a powerful statement on overcoming fear. However, it may do nothing to quash fear if people are actually injured. Five people were taken to a Dallas area hospital on Thursday, June 23 and several others were treated at the scene after taking part in a Tony Robbins Firewalk. The injured coal-walkers have burns to their feet and lower extremities, which should come as no surprise – after all, burning coals are pretty damn hot!

Why Walk on Burning Coals?

To those who have never experienced an event like the Tony Robbins Firewalk, walking on burning coals may seem like an exercise in stupidity. However, walking over hot coals is a symbolic experience that can provide people with new found power and confidence – if they can make it over burning coals, they can make it through any and all of life’s challenges.

Walking over burning coals is possible because of the low thermal conductivity of the coals and of the already burned ashes that comprise the outer layers of the coals, and because of the specific heat capacity of skin tissues (the bottom of the feet). Also, walking quickly is advised as this minimizes the amount of contact between hot coal and sensitive feet!

This is why an event like the Tony Robbin’s Firewalk is usually safe. However, this is not the first time there have been problems with the Tony Robbins firewalking event – in 2012 more than 20 people were treated for burns after an event in San Jose, CA.

Would You Walk on Hot Coals to Gain More Confidence?

I can’t say I would walk across hot coals at a motivational event. If Tony Robbins came up to me and asked me to walk across a path of burning coals, I think I might ask for my money back, or head to the bar for a few shots of liquid courage.

However, the power of the mind is amazing, and everyone reacts to specific challenges and motivational techniques in different ways. Just because I might be a bit cowardly in the face of fire, someone else might see it as a way to face and overcome their fears. So, the question remains, would you walk across hot coals at a Tony Robbins Firewalk? While I might see it as a way to burn my feet, you might see it as a way to overcome your fears and achieve your dreams!

It remains to be seen what the injured seminar attendees think about this motivational technique – some may value the experience while others may hot-foot it to the nearest personal injury lawyer!

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