Who is the SF Money Coach?

The SF Money Coach is a money coaching practice based in the San Francisco Bay Area of California. For individuals looking for a pathway to financial freedom, the San Francisco Money Coach has the outcomes you are seeking.

SF Money Coach
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Who is the SF Money Coach?

Carrie Friedberg has been an educator for over 20 years and has a varied career covering many subjects. She played tennis in college and majored in religion. She earned a teaching credential and a master’s degree in Educational technology. She also took a yoga teacher course, mastered two levels of Reiki training, and studied at a silent meditation retreat.

At the age of thirty, Carrie realized that she didn’t know how to balance a checkbook, stick to a budget, or save money. She began her pursuit of financial freedom knowledge.

Carrie also hired a money coach, and found her calling…or at least, one of her many callings! She completed the intensive financial counselor training program at the Financial Recovery Institute and began her own holistic money coaching practice.

What is a Holistic Money Coach?

Holistic money coaching supports lasting financial help on several levels – a whole person approach. The following aspects of a person’s life are usually addressed in holistic financial coaching:

  • Spiritual – financial change and lasting success is fueled by passion and importance.
  • Psychological – emotional financial triggers and unconscious beliefs that create either good or bad financial habits.
  • Practical – implementing healthy financial skills which lead to success and financial freedom.

The SF financial coach, Carrie Freidberg, employs a holistic approach to her coaching practice and works with her clients on all levels to achieve success and her clients’ financial goals and dreams.

3 Practical Tips for Financial Success

The SF Money Coach suggests three items to get her clients started toward financial success. The most practical elements of her coaching include:

  • Pay off your credit cards in full each month
  • Create a sustainable budget, which accurately depicts your monthly costs, and your periodic expenditures (non-monthly costs).
  • How you relate to money is closely aligned with how you relate to life.

Live Rich and Spend Smart

Working with the San Francisco Money Coach, clients will learn to live rich and spend smart. Living rich includes practicing gratitude, appreciating your loved ones, and enjoy life. Spending smart includes staying connected to your money, understanding forward planning, and using accountability and money tracking tools.

Money Coaching Tools

The SF Money Coach employs various tools in her money coaching practice. These tools include:

  • Money Minder – a cloud-based, holistic financial tracking software
  • Budgets – monthly and annual spending summaries
  • Periodic Calendar – used for non-monthly expenses
  • Debt Repayment Plan – if there is debt to pay off
  • Needs and Wants/Desires Assessment – identification of your financial needs and goals.
  • Action Plan – a road map to get where you want to be financially.
  • Numerous other exercises and tools that help clients learn how to save, spend wisely, and work
    toward financial goals.

The Sf Money Coach serves the San Francisco Bay area, clients on the East Coast (New York), and also works with clients through Zoom (video conferencing). If you have problems with money, or even if you just want to learn more about achieving a desired financial future, then you should look up one of the top money coaching experts in the country, Carrie Freidberg, San Francisco’s Money Coach.

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