What’s in a Name? Success Life Coaching

Coaching business name of the day – Success Life Coaching.

When you start your life coaching practice, you should be thinking about a name that will be easily remembered and one that you can brand across various platforms and media. It should be something that can easily fit on a business card, adorn your website, fit in a tagline, and work for other products you may create in the future.

Success Life Coaching
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Why Success?

Using “success” in your business name is a good thing, especially when your business is coaching. When people hire a coach, they are looking for success in achieving their goals and dreams. Doesn’t matter if they hire a life coach, wealth coach, wellness coach, exercise coach, career coach, or executive coach – they want to find success.

Success wealth coach, success health coach, or success life coach – all business names that connotate the achievement of goals. This is exactly what you want people to think of when they look at your coaching practice.

Success Life Coaching Means Success

What’s in a name? You may not think the name of your business will have much influence of its success or failure. But, in our digital age, being able to brand yourself across various media is crucial for enhanced success.

You may build a coaching business that has become profitable with one-on-one coaching. But, you want to expand – you want to boost your income and be even more successful. One of the great things about coaching is that you have many avenues to make more money. You can write articles and blog, write books, create DVDs, teach seminars or workshops, or start training coaches.

You have many choices, but these choices are also varied and reach different people. You need to be consistent across all media and platforms, and one of the best ways to be consistent is to have a recognizable name – Success Life Coaching is a recognizable name.

Will a Name Work for my Practice?

No matter what name you select, it’s good to do a little research before you decide. Test it out with friends and family. Write it on a business card and see if you can build a catchy logo around it. You should also make sure that there aren’t other coaches using the same name.

Another item to check is the availability of the domain name – you definitely want to buy a domain name that fits as close as possible with your business name.

Checking online for “Success Life Coaching” doesn’t pull up many results – there are a few names which are close, but it still seems like a good one to use. The domain name is also available, though it was a bit pricier than some other domain names.

Pick a Name and Build Your Business

Building a coaching business isn’t easy – it takes hard work, patience, training, research, more hard work, and even more patience. But, having the right name is one of the factors that can help your business thrive. Success Life Coaching seems like one of those names!

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