What’s in a Domain Name – Success Coaching.com?

What is success coaching.com? It’s a domain name (if you put the words together) or perhaps part of a domain name. It could be part of your domain name.

Success coaching.com
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Examples of Success Coaching Domain Names

Here are a few examples of domain names that can be used when finding your corner of the Internet for your coaching practice:


All these domain names will provide you with a small piece of the Internet, and brand you as a coach who helps clients achieve success.

Finding Domain Names for Your Coaching Website

You can do a search online to see what domain names are available. The first thing to do is just plug your domain name idea into a search engine. See what comes up! If a web page comes up, then the domain is not available. Sometimes you’ll get a message that the domain is parked, which means someone owns the domain name, but the website has not been built yet or that it is owned by a domain name broker who may be willing to sell.

The next step is to go to a site which sells domain names. Godaddy is the most well-known site and offers plenty of cheap options. Plenty of other sites exist, including NameCheap, Sedo, and Flippa.

You shouldn’t have to spend a fortune to get the site you want. Just be creative if the one you want isn’t available. For example.
SmithSucceessCoaching.com could also be JSmithSuccessCoaching.com or SmithSuccessCoach.com. Success coach.com is also a good piece to build a domain name around.

I checked and despite how common a name Smith is, SmithSuccessCoaching.com is available. So, if your last name is Smith, you can brand yourself right now.

Coaching Domain Names Should be Easy to Remember and Type

You don’t want a name that is too long or too difficult to remember. Success-coaching.com is good. Your name plus success scoaching is also good. Your name plus city and state plus success coaching is probably too long.

People don’t want to spend an hour typing in a domain name, so keep it as simple as possible, while still allowing you to create a brand.

Success Coaching.com is Yours

I checked on this name and it can be yours. It’s available, but it costs a bit more than many other names. It lists at $69.99 plus commission. It has most likely been purchased by a broker who is trying to make a little money off the investment.

But, you don’t need to pay for success coaching.com. Just put your name in front of it. I tried with my name. With just my last name, the domain costs just $11.99. With my full name, it is the same price – $11.99.

I also tried YourSuccessCocaching.com, which sells for $69.99 plus commission. However, you can get YourSuccess-Coaching.com for just $11.99. Just adding in a hyphen significantly drops the price.

The Right Domain Name Matters

Having a good domain name won’t make your coaching business successful, but it is part of a comprehensive branding strategy that should serve you for the life of your practice. Take your time to get it right – there are many small alterations that can keep the cost low without sacrificing any identity.

Success-coaching.com is available right now in some form. It sounds like a good brand to me!

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