What Kind of Degree Do You Need to Become a Life Coach?

What kind of degree do you need to become a life coach? It’s a question many people are asking because life coaching offers the opportunity to make good money, have a rewarding career, and help people reach their goals and dreams.

Become a Life Coach

What Kind of Degree Do You Need to Become a Life Coach?

What kind of degrees do you need to become a life coach? The answer? None, nothing, nada. You don’t need any kind of degree to become a life coach.

What Do You Need to Become a Life Coach?

Although there is no specific degree required to become a life coach, certain types of degrees in different fields can help you become a better life coach. Counseling, social work, psychology, sociology, human resource management, and teaching are degrees that offer some benefits to aspiring life coaches.

Question – what kind of degree do you need to become a life coach? Answer – none! But, there must be something you need to start your career as a life coach. Actually there are no requirements – life coaching is open to anyone who can spell C-O-A-C-H. But, because the industry is maturing and becoming more competitive, you better get trained if you want to compete for clients.

What Training Should You have to Become a Life Coach?

There are plenty of life coach training programs available today. Whether you elect to attend a weekend workshop or enroll in an online life coaching course, you can learn real skills that will help you become the best life coach you can be.

The Basic Skills Needed For Life Coaching

There are two basic skills needed to be a good life coach – active listening and the art of inquiry. Instead of asking the question – what kind of degree do you need to become a life coach – you should be asking – what are the skills needed for life coaching?

Active listening – involves listening to the words and tone, reading the body language and facial expressions, and making eye contact. It then continues with a confirming statement, a summary of the facts, and then asking if your understanding is correct. It’s about focusing on the client, follow-up, and feedback.

Inquiry – involves asking the right type of questions at the right time and in the right sequence – open-ended, probing, closed. Being able to ask a series of questions that leads to a solution is vital in a coaching session.

Becoming a Life Coach

What kind of degree do you need to become a life coach? You know the answer to that question now. But, you also know that training, though not required, is integral to your success as a life coach. Get the right training, work hard, and continue to elevate your skills and knowledge, and you’ll be making a good living as a coach. No matter what kind of degree you have, or don’t have, you can become a life coach, with the right work ethic and training.

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  1. Honey says

    There are basic prerequisites for a career in life coaching just like any other career. I agree that listening skills and an inquiring nature are the utmost.

  2. Lynne says

    No matter what degree a person has, the right kind of attitude is impostant. Success can be achieved with the right training and proper skills.

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