What is The Leadership Program?

What is The Leadership Program?

It started with kids and has grown to include adults and businesses. Its coaching model is innovative in both content and approach.

The Leadership Program
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This is The Leadership Program

This program works with the most educationally and environmentally challenged schools in the New York City area. They have created and developed curricula and strategies which engage, motivate, and inspire. They work with children on self-expression and self-confidence. They also emphasize positive interaction and pro-active interaction with the world around them. They provide the tools children need for development, progress, and vital experiences.

The Culture of Leadership

There are four pillars of the culture that the Leadership Program attempts to cultivate in their methodology and strategies:

  • Curiosity
  • Open-mindedness
  • Learning
  • Growth

These four pillars help to increase communication, productivity, resiliency, risk tolerance, interpersonal dynamics, and overall personal wellbeing.
Sounds like four attributes which define good leaders!

Coaching is a People Business

The program stresses that they are “in the business of people.” This sounds like coaching to me.
Coaching is certainly a people business. It’s about helping individuals change, improve, and realize their personal dreams. The leadership programs found all over the world are also in the business of people.

Leadership Coaching

This innovative program has taken their coaching to new sectors. They work with more than just the New York City educational system. They work with adults, other educational institutions, government agencies, and businesses.

They strive to help individuals, teams, organizations, and businesses positively change their lives, communities, and cultures. This is what leadership coaching is all about.

Their approach is centered on ten core values:

  • Forge the path. Enjoy the journey.
  • Lead, learn, and lead again.
  • Foster an inclusive community.
  • Cultivate passion, creativity, joy, and a sense of adventure.
  • Respond to challenges and celebrate success.
  • Create opportunities, embrace change, and support growth.
  • Pursue and encourage achievement.
  • Make it, measure it, maintain it, and move it forward.
  • Look to find strategic and extraordinary solutions.
  • Contribute to positive change.

They promote these ten core values in their approach to coaching and leadership. This is a good list for anyone looking to make changes and enhance their chances for success and personal contentment.

Why Leadership Matters

Great leadership is when you listen and give people a chance to have a voice. But, leadership is also about mentoring and using specific skills and tools to help others achieve specific goals. Leadership involves having:

  • Character
  • Communication skills
  • Specific vision
  • Optimistic energy
  • Honesty and ethical core

This describes the ethos of The Leadership Program.

A recent study of 30,000 leaders found that the top 10 percent of leaders generated twice the net income of the middle 80 percent. The study also found that the most important competency of these leaders, and the one that truly distinguished the top 10 percent, was the ability to inspire and motivate others to achieve their best. That is leadership! That is what the Leadership Program does!

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