What is the Columbia Coaching Certification Program?

The Columbia Coaching Certification Program is a coaching program offer through Teachers College at Columbia University. Teachers College, Columbia University was the first graduate school of education in the United States. It is perennially ranked among the nation’s best graduate schools and remains committed to four core areas of expertise: education, leadership, health, and psychology.

The Columbia Coaching Certification Program
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A Coaching Program in 3 Parts

The Columbia Coaching Certification Program consists of three basic parts:

  • External Coach Intensive or Internal Coach Intensive. The external program is for executive coaches and the internal program is for managers, human resources leaders, and others who work within organizations. You can complete this part only and receive a Certificate of Completion (but not certification).
  • Coaching Practicum. This is where you learn and practice the craft of coaching under the guidance of a mentor coach.
  • Advanced Coach Intensive. This last part of the certification program builds on the knowledge and skills acquired during the first part of the program. You also put all you learned together – the skills, knowledge, craft, and mentoring – to emerge as a coach.

Why The Columbia Coaching Certification Program?

Here are a few core reasons to consider The Columbia coaching certificate program:

  • A world-renowned faculty at a world-renowned university. You receive a world-class education and instantly gain a incredible reputation because of the university.
  • Market demand. The coaching industry is growing and more individuals and companies are recognizing the benefits of coaching. Your certification from Columbia will put you in a high-demand field armed with the skills and knowledge to succeed.
  • Focuses on two of the more highly in-demand of the coaching specialties – executive coaching and organization coaching (within companies).
  • One added benefit is that you can also earn a Columbia Executive Education Certificate in Business Excellence with additional courses.

How Long Does it Take to Get Certified at Columbia?

This Columbia Coaching Certification Program has been designed to be completed in 7-8 months. However, the period of time can be extended. For example, you could take the first part (External or Internal Intensive) in the spring, the Practicum in the summer and fall, and then the final part, the Advanced Intensive in the winter.

Coaching is No Longer a Fringe Career

The coaching industry is hot and continues to grow, and while it was once considered a fringe career, it is has become more mainstream in the past couple decades. Thirty or so years ago, there were few schools or programs that offered any type of coaching curriculum, but all that has changed. Respected universities like NYU, Georgetown, and Columbia are offering coaching programs and providing even greater legitimacy for the growing profession.

If you are considering the field of executive coaching, attending the Columbia Coaching Certification Program provides a great head start on you career. More and more corporations and individuals are seeking the services of executive and business coaches, and your certification will allow you to pursue a personally and financially rewarding career as an executive or corporate coach.

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  1. Joseph says

    It’s amazing to see that coaching is being taken seriously that even universities are incorporating this into their curriculum.


    I did my Executive coaching program back in 2010 at Columbia Business School and it has been great. However, they really need to get ICF certified to me this s big BUT. They need to fix this as quickly as possible.

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