What is Personal Health Coaching Humana?

Personal health coaching Humana is part of some health care plans available to Humana members. With this new individualized service, members can connect with their own personal health coach. Personal health coaching Humana is part of a trend recognizing health coaching as an integral part of the health care industry.

Health Coaching
Health Coaching

What is Health Coaching?

Health coaching assists clients is making practical and healthy decisions concerning behavior and lifestyle choices. A health coach can offer specific services and fill the gaps that physicians, nurses, dietitians, and physical therapists often don’t have the time or resources to fill.

Health coaches work within fairly wide parameters, from weight issues to exercise to lifestyle issues (smoking, drinking, etc.). Health coaches help their clients discover why they are struggling, how to modify and change behavior, and ways to navigate the often contradictory medical and nutritional information that exists.

What Does Personal Health Coaching Humana Offer?

  • Help clients identify and set health and lifestyle goals.
  • Help clients create a personalized action plan to reach their health goals.
  • Help clients become accountable for their progress.
  • Connect clients with a wide range of resources, including a health library, wellness trackers, assessments, calendars, and more.
  • Stay in touch with clients through various methods ā€“ email, phone, text, etc.
  • Offer resources, advice, and motivation for weight management, stress management, tobacco use cessation, healthy eating, exercise, and more.

Health Coaching Keeps the Doctor Away

You’ve undoubtedly heard the expression, an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Well, health coaching can do the same thing. This is not only good for the members, it is also good for the health care company. Humana certainly saves money by using a network of health coaches. These coaches can help keep their clients healthier, and healthier clients mean less doctor visits, reduced hospital time, less strain on the nurses and health care support personnel, and fewer medical tests. Health coaching is the perfect addition to the doctor/patient relationship. All this saves money for everyone!

More and more doctors are starting to partner with health coaches, and many large health care providers are using health coaching as a way to keep their members healthier and to save money. It’s truly a win/win for everyone. That’s why personal health coaches Humana are connecting with Humana members to offer a valuable service that goes above and beyond typical insurance coverage.

Health coaches are at the forefront of a health care revolution. With costs continuing to climb, health care providers are seeking ways to manage these cost at every level, and still provide comprehensive and quality health care services to their members. Personal health coaching Humana is just one of the ways the health care revolution is making health care more affordable, more accessible, and more personalized.

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  1. Eureka Lim says

    Such a wonderful move within the health care system! This allows for the provision of health care services that go beyond the ordinary, making it personal with the tie-up with the health care coaches!

  2. Freda says

    This means attacking the health care concern from all angles and using all possible available resources!! Yes! Yes! Yes!

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