What is Coaching Brilliance?

What is coaching brilliance? It is perhaps a question not asked often enough. How to be a good coach? How to be a successful coach? How to proper as a coach? These questions are often asked, but what about coaching brilliance?

What is Coaching
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Is Coaching Brilliance Born or Made?

Some people are born smart – geniuses who can do long division in their heads or understand a quantum physics textbook. Some get great grades in school due to persistence and hard work. But, what about coaches?

Are some coaches born great or are they made great through training, education, and experience?

Great Coaches are Born

What is coaching brilliance if not an innate ability to help others through active listening, compassion, empathy, and strategic planning. These are all attributes that some people are just born with. Individuals with these traits and skills will have an easier time becoming a successful coach.

Great Coaches are Made

Is it possible to make yourself a great coach? Is it possible to acquire and hone the skills needed to be a brilliant coach? Damn right it is – and up and coming coaches are doing it every day! It takes the right training, a passion for helping others, and a desire to work hard and improve yourself.

What is Coaching Brilliance?

Coaching brilliance – the pinnacle of great coaching – is usually the combination of nature and nurture. Being born with some of the attributes need to be a great coach and then combining them with the right skills training.

What is coach brilliance? It is taking all the positive attribute you are born with, combining that with a burning desire to improve yourself and help others improve, and then adding in a healthy dose of comprehensive and quality coach training and continuing education.

7 Ways to be a Brilliant Coach

What is coaching brilliance? Here are 7 ways to be a brilliant as a coach as possible:

  • Connection before direction. Brilliant coach understand that coaching is first and foremost about connection. The client matters. The client is important. Making a connection will lay the groundwork for any direction and outcomes.
  • Begin with the end in mind. Coaching is a means to an end, and though the means matters, it is vital to keep your eye on the big picture.
  • Success comes from struggle. Don’t let the client be ashamed of or hide any past struggles. The identification and discussion of these struggles often lead to the greatest breakthroughs.
  • Think of new habits, not bad habits. It is often easier to think in terms of creating and building new habits rather than breaking old habits.
  • Attainable doesn’t mean easy. When identifying goals, you definitely want them to be attainable, but that shouldn’t mean they all should be easy.
  • Observe and serve. Observation skills are critical to brilliant coaching; don’t let your own opinions get in the way of your observations. As a coach, you are there to serve; eliminate your own agenda and serve the client’s agenda.
  • Celebrate success. What is coaching brilliance if not the celebration of success. Success that the client has reached the stated goals and success that you have been a partner in this achievement.

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