What is Career Coaching and Why Do People Hire Career Coaches?

What is career coaching and why do people hire career coaches? If you become a career coach, is there a large target market waiting for your services? Will you become rich working as a career coach? Is the career coaching industry hot right now?

Career Coach
Career Coach

Questions About Career Coaching

You’re thinking about becoming a coach and asking questions before jumping into the field. You are trying to do your due diligence before you sign up with a coaching program or switching careers and staking your claim as a career coach. Well, here’s answers to a few questions about the career coaching industry.

What is Career Coaching?

Career coaches help clients with all aspects of their careers:

  • Determining the best career choice
  • Figuring out what careers are currently the best choices.
  • Helping with the interview process.
  • Creating a resume that stands out.
  • Helping to determine potential career choices and educational pathways for high school and college students
  • Helping clients return to the workplace after a long absence.
  • Helping people change careers.

Career coaches offer coaching in all relevant career topics and work with all types of clients, young and old. You can narrow your target market by creating a niche or keep your target market as wide-ranging as possible. Basically, career coaches help clients make informed decisions about their career choices, development, and trajectory.

Why Do People Hire Career Coaches?

We answered the question “what is career coaching?” Now, we can talk about reason that people hire career coaches.

*    To help transition out of a job or career that is unfulfilling.

*    To help start a new career.

*    To help find the right career.

*    To help prepare for a job search

*    To get ideas of the right education needed for specific careers.

*    To help with resume writing and interview skills.

*    To learn how to talk with employers about salary, benefits, responsibilities, promotions, and more.

*    To help build the right social media presence for your job search and career.

What are Career Coaching Benefits?

Most of the benefits have been listed above. But, clients usually learn more about themselves and what career is ideal or likely to produce some combination of happiness, wealth, personal fulfillment, professional success, and life balance. They also learn job hunting skills and marketable skills that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.  Perhaps most of all, they have the support, encouragement, and accountability that comes from a coach.

Hire a Career Coach or Become a Career Coach

If you want to know “what is career coaching and why do people hire career coaches” because you are thinking of hiring one to help your career move forward, then I hope you have learned enough to call one up and see what they have to offer.
If you want to know “what is a career coach and why do people hire career coaches” because you are thinking of becoming one, then I hope this information has motivated you to seriously consider this personally rewarding and professionally satisfying career.

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  1. Albert says

    I would seriously consider hiring a career coach. It looks like it has so many benefits.

  2. Rachel says

    Career coaching is really great, people should really consider to go into this business.

  3. says

    My younger sister just graduated from college last June, and she’s having a hard time finding a job that fits her skills. Because of that, I thought about getting her into career coaching to regain her confidence in her job search. It’s great to know that hiring a coach can help her figure out what careers are best for her and provide tips on the interview process.

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