What is a Life Coach Hack?

What is a life coach hack? Some life coaches understand life hacks and how to incorporate them into their practices yet others haven’t begun to use simple hacks that make life easier!

What is a Life Coach
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What is a Hack?

In the old days, a “hack” was someone who didn’t do a very good job at something. Most of us knew someone who tried to fix things around the house, but really had no idea what they were doing – that was a “hack.”

However, the more modern usage of the word “hack” comes out of the computer hacker culture, most likely the hacker culture at MIT. The metamorphosis of the word goes like this:

Hack – earliest version: Quick job, or someone who does a quick job – and the job is not done very well.

Hack – later version: An appropriate application of ingenuity.

Hack – latest version: A clever technique to get something done or to make it through something.

The second and third version are similar and both used today.

What is a Life Hack?

The question is: What is a life coach hack? However, the answer begins with: What is a life hack? A life hack is any technique, skill, trick, novelty method, or shortcut that increases productivity or efficiency, or helps someone endure a situation.

That’s a life hack and it helps you answer the question: What is a life coaching hack? And, it will help you find more outcomes for your clients. Every life coach wants that!

What is a Life Coach Hack?

Life coach hacks are merely life hacks that are used by life coaches in their practices. They use them to help people reach their goals and dreams. They are coaching tools which encourage and facilitate improvement, enrichment, and achievement.

Here are a few examples of life hacks that can be used by life coaches in their coaching sessions:

  • Set a timer each day to sit quietly and think about what goals you have and how to achieve them.
  • Keep a journal and write down everything you do that contributes to reaching your goals.
  • Write a gratitude list every day – something you are grateful for.
  • Set a timer each day to meditate – start at two minutes and work your way to longer periods of time.

These are small, simple tasks that your clients can use when striving for their goals, seeking to break through barriers, and working to overcome obstacles.

Why Use Hacks in Your Life Coaching Business?

Now that you know what is a life coach hack, it’s important to understand their value when working with a client. Here are a few great reasons to use hacks:

  • They are simple – anyone and everyone can use them in their daily lives.
  • They are impactful – even though they are simple, they can have a significant impact in goal achievement.
  • They can be discussed in a session. For example, if one of the hacks is to write a journal, then what is written can be discussed and analyzed in each session.
  • They are fun – using simple hacks can be fun, playful, and even comical at times.

What is a life coach hack? That’s a good question. They are great ways to offer simple advice to clients and get them even more involved in their own improvement and goal achievement.

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  1. Kimberly says

    The idea of a life hack is great! Not only do we need this for our coaching clients but for ourselves as well. Setting time to meditate and reflect on what has happened and what you want to happen gives you time to focus and determine what it is you really want in life. Great share.

  2. Wendy says

    When a coach doesn’t understand the impact of a life coach hack, then they really need to read this article!! A lot of coaches can become even better when they know life coach hacks!

  3. Monica Castenetto says

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