What Can You Learn From Webmd Health Coaching?

Webmd health coaching is an online health and wellness coaching service that helps clients make a plan and guide them toward better health. Looking at what Webmd does online can help you move your own health and wellness coaching successfully online to increase exposure, client base, and income.

Webmd Health Coaching
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Four Types on Coaching on Webmd Health Coaching

Webmd offers four basic types of coaching – take a look at their site to get some ideas for your own coaching. It’s not stealing or borrowing – it’s merely research to see what the competition is doing. This research can give you ideas on what direction to take your own coaching practice.

  • Lifestyle Coaching. This type of coaching addresses each part of a client’s day. Coaches offer tools, tips, encouragement, and support to make positive change in their daily habits which produce the outcomes they are seeking.
  • Condition management coaching. Wenmd health coaching offers coaching geared toward clients suffering from specific conditions – COPD, diabetes, asthma, and more.
  • Tobacco cessation coaching. Everyone knows that smoking is bad for you. However, not everyone can stop smoking – some people need help. This is at the crux of Webmd’s tobacco cessation coaching program.
  • Weight management coaching. Webmd can help guide its clients through the various physical and emotional aspects of weight loss and weight management. It works out an approach that is unique to each individual client.

Coaching Anyway the Clients Want It!

Webmd Health Coaching can be accessed via secure messaging, phone, or onsite. They make it easy to reach their clients, and you should, too. Before you set up a coaching business, you should research various ways to reach the masses. Don’t just commit yourself to online only, or just decide to use one-on-one, in-person coaching.

Research your target market and find out the best ways to reach them. If you want to reach clients outside your geographical area, you will have to go online. It’s the digital age, and the tools are available that will allow you to reach the world.

Make Coaching Personal

From reading through the Webmd health coaching website, it appears they are making an effort to personalize their coaching services. You should do the same.
The cookie-cutter approach in coaching doesn’t work. People are unique, and they want unique solutions to their health concerns or problems. Create assessment that personalize each client.

Develop plans and goals that are unique and personal. Offer encouragement and support that doesn’t sound as if it comes straight out of a textbook or from a weekend seminar. Modify coaching exercises so that they pertain to a client’s specific condition or goal.

Be Yourself But Learn from Others

By looking at the Webmd health coaching website, you can see a coaching competitor is offering their services. Though you have to create your own coaching brand, you can learn from others. It’s not stealing, it’s not borrowing – it’s research, it’s homework!

As a coach, your coaching style will be based on your personal attributes and personality. However, your knowledge will come from many sources – coaching programs, books, seminars, webinars, feedback from your clients, and also, other coaches or coaching organizations.

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