Wellness Coaching Careers – Health Coaching Can Save the World

Wellness coaching careers – health coaching and more are well positioned to be one of the best emerging careers of the next several decades. That’s because they can be the solution to one of the greatest problems facing us in the 21st century.

Health Coaching
Health Coaching

The Coming Health Crisis

Too many people are unhealthy. Too many people are overweight, obese, diabetic, suffering from hypertension, heart conditions, and more. All this is happening at the same time that more people are expressing an interest and more people have easier access to health information. Why the incongruity of the situation?

Wellness Coaching Careers – Health Coaching

There seems to be a vast disconnect between what people want and what people are actually getting or doing. They want to be healthy but they continue to overeat, eat poorly, avoid exercise, and maintain bad lifestyle habits.

Physicians and the health care industry are good at treating diseases or minimizing the symptoms of disease, but there appears to be a need for something more. That something more is health coaching.

The health coaching industry is beginning to grow and be recognized as a critical component of wellness. More people are seeking careers in wellness because it offers a field where good people are in demand, an opportunity to make a decent living, and the chance to help others achieve goals and good health.

Become a Health Coach and Save the World

Wellness coaching careers – the health coaching industry is growing and it is time to jump on the train. If you believe that good health is an essential part of a quality life, then you can use this attitude to help others.

It’s very difficult to stay in good shape. Though computers and technology were supposed to give us more time, they actually make us work more (even though we do get some amazing things done because of technology). People are busy and often lack the time to cook healthy and exercise, the food industry usually puts profit ahead of health, and there is too much information online that it’s almost impossible to tell what its true and what is hogwash!

Health coaching can help to save the world from a pending health crisis – people seeking meaningful and rewarding careers should be looking to wellness coaching careers and health coaching.

How Health Coaching Can Save the World

Getting into wellness coaching careers – health coaching is not going to ease the tensions in the Middle East, figure out what going on with North Korea, or solve any of the conflicts around the globe, but you can be part of a solution in the health care industry.

  • You can work as a liaison between patients and doctors.
  • You can work as a coach helping individual clients
  • You can work in any numerous ways – personal trainer, physical therapist, nutritionist, dietician, nurse, and more.
  • You can create exercise and diet programs
  • You can work with seniors.
  • You can work to help children learn lifelong healthy habits.

With health care costs rising and more and more people living with preventable diseases, a revolution is needed in the health care industry. If you are seeking to be part of that rewarding and profitable revolution, it’s time to look into wellness coaching careers – health coaching.

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  1. Genesis says

    I got to be honest with you Fred, I have not implemented the wellness coaching. I would totally try this out

  2. Rachel says

    I always enjoy your very informative posts Fred! No matter how long it’s been, keep it up!

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