Wellness Coaching Careers Are In Demand

As people age yet still want to live active lives, wellness coaching jobs will become even more in demand. People are seeking information, assistance, and new ways to defy aging and stay well and active as love as possible.

Health Coaching
Health Coaching

What is Wellness Coaching?

At its core, wellness coaching is about helping people Improve their health and enhance their well-being. Most people hire a wellness coach because they are struggling with specific issues, such as weight, specific health concerns, or other diseases or disorders.

What Does a Wellness Coach Do?

Those who have wellness coaching careers, help people overcomes health struggles, change behaviors or lifestyle choices, improve awareness and confidence, and set and reach goals. Wellness coaching is not about quick fixes or fad diets, but focused on long-tern solution and lifestyle changes that are healthy and sustainable.

Why do Wellness Coaching Careers Have a Promising Future?

I’ll give you one stat: it is estimate that 70% of health care costs are related to preventable diseases. With health care costs rising, political debates over the Affordable Care Act (ACA) intensifying, and specter of millions of baby boomers aging, the need to find solutions to current and future health care supply problems is greater than ever.

Since many diseases are preventable, this opens up an entire new segment of the health care industry. Doctors, nurses, and specialists are needed more than ever, but so are wellness coaches. Wellness coaching work with physicians and health care providers to help their patients improve the health and avoid many of those preventable diseases. Wellness coaching careers will be in demand as a way to help lower costs, free up physician time for more urgent needs, and keep aging people healthier and away from doctors and out of hospitals.

Become a Wellness Coach

What a wellness coaching career? Want a career that helps others and places in the middle of a rewarding and in demand industry? Want a career that provides personal satisfaction, decent income, a chance for additional ways to earn money, and potential job security? Wellness coaching careers are a way to provide meaningful work, enjoy a flexible and rewarding career, and be involved in an expanding and ever-evolving industry.

These careers can include working for yourself, working with a small, local health care provider, or working for a large HMO. You can work directly with individuals in a typical coaching atmosphere or you can work as a supplement to physician care within the structure of a health care provider.

Become a Wellness Coach and Save the Health Care Industry

It is no secret that our health care system is not working. As a rich country with untold resources for medical research and development, we should be doing much better. Whether you are for or against the Affordable Care Act doesn’t matter – what we have now has too many problems, too many gaps, and an astronomical cost that is only going higher unless we make changes. Wellness coaching is one way to help the system become more efficient and cost-effective, and wellness coaching careers are your ticket to a bright and caring future.

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