Vision in Motion Success Coaching?

What is Vision in Motion Success Coaching? Not sure how many people are asking this, but if you are a woman and are interested in losing weight, here is some brief information on the business and what you can expect.

What is Vision in Motion Success Coaching?

Vision in Motion Success Coaching is personal development and weight management health coaching business located in Windsor, Canada. The Vision in Motion Success Coach program is basically a six-month program that follows a step-by-step process of discovering an individual’s strengths. The program identifies strengths and capabilities in the areas of personality, values, character, and passions.

Who is the Person Behind Vision in Motion Success Coaching?

Kim Williams, the owner of Vision in Motion Success Coaching, is a certified professional coach who specializes in women’s weight loss. She empowers women to identify, develop, and use their strengths to challenge themselves to overcome their own unique weight issues. With years of experience, Kim is able to help women become fit, energetic, and significantly healthier

Vision – See Yourself in the a new, healthier, slimmer body

Motion – movement is a part of any weight loss program. Movement is health and movement is life.

Success – What you will feel when you shed the weight and become the new you..

Coaching is Not Therapy

Like most coaches, Kim wants to ensure that potential clients know the difference between therapy and coaching. She is a coach and not a therapist. Coaches are not therapists. Here are a few differences between therapy and coaching.

10 Differences Between Therapy and Coaching

  1. Therapy focuses on healing, coaching focuses on evolving.
  2. Therapy focuses mostly on internal issues while coaching focuses on mostly external issues.
  3. Therapy explores the origins of behaviors and problem while coaching identifies behaviors that boost self-esteem.
  4. Therapy is problem oriented and coaching is action oriented.
  5. Therapy asks “why?” Coaching asks “why not?”
  6. Therapy asks “from where?” Coaching asks “to where?”
  7. Therapy uses therapeutic skills while coaching uses coaching skills (there is overlap, but they are different)
  8.  Therapy helps individuals overcome issues from the past while coaching helps clients identify their visions of the future.
  9. Therapy emphasizes the past and the present while coaching emphasizes the present and the future.
  10. Therapy is more about pain and pathology while coaching is a process of change that comes about from strengths and potential.

Less Weight Less Disease

Obesity is a major problem in both the United States and Canada. In Canada, 26 percent of all residents are obese, while 33 percent of all Americans are considered obese or worse. Obesity leads to heart disease and diabetes. Though it is best to never gain the weight, it can certainly help to lose it once you have it. Excess weight can take years off your life. A recent survey of 20 different studies shows that severe obesity (a Body Mass Index of 40 or higher) can cut up to 14 years off an individual’s life. Now, isn’t that a reason to lose the weight?

For women in the Windsor area of Canada, losing weight is easier if you have some experienced coaching. Vision in Motion Success Coaching can help you shed those pounds and discover a new you.

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