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What would an ultimate success coaching practice be? What would it entail? What would an ultimate success coaching practice have to offer its clients?

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What Does Ultimate Mean?

According to a dictionary, “ultimate” can have a few different definitions – the most remote in space or time, the last in a progression or series, eventual, basic or fundamental, or the most extreme of its kind. When referring to coaching, let’s use the last two definitions for “ultimate” – the most basic or fundamental, and the most extreme. Sounds like they are two opposites, but when it comes to coaching, they come together to create the ultimate success coaching practice

Building Your Ultimate Success Coaching Practice

It is becoming more common to find a niche in which you can survive and prosper as a big coaching fish in a small pond. Without a doubt, this is a good strategy. However, it is also possible to create a more comprehensive practice that makes you a big coaching fish in an even bigger pond.

How about building a practice that integrates the body and the mind, the personal and the professional, and the health and wealth aspects of each individual client? By bringing everything about the client under the umbrella of success coaching you have create the ultimate coaching business – the most extreme while at the same time the most fundamental basic.

Finding the Right Clients For Success

To make your success coaching business a success you need the right clients. Of course, when you are starting out you will probably take anyone who walks through your door, sends you an email, or picks up the phone to give you a call. However, as you build up a client base and a reputation, you may be able to become more selective.

Here are a few questions to ask about your clients or potential clients:

  1. Do they have a fierce desire to learn and grow?
  2. Do you feel that you have a good chemistry with a particular client?
  3. Does your client have a strong commitment to their own success?
  4. Are they actively engaged in the pursuit of their goals?
  5. Do they expect you to fix their behavioral problems? This is the only one of the five for which you want a “NO” answer.

An Ultimate Success Coach is Good at Everything

Finding a niche and becoming an expert within that niche is far easier than being good at everything. However, if you can become proficient as a coach in all aspects of personal coaching, you open yourself up to a huge target market and the potential to make large and steady streams of income.

You should be good at:

  • Life coaching
  • Health coaching
  •  Wealth coaching
  • Business Coaching
  • Leadership coaching
  • Career coaching
  • Relationship coaching
  • All other aspects of coaching

Ultimate success coaching also means you can work with clients in both their professional and personal lives. You can work on both their bodies and their minds. You should also be able to help them find outcomes that connect both their personal and professional lives. Everything in life is interconnected and your job as a coach is to work with this integration and help clients find solutions that benefit all aspects of their lives.

Ultimate success coaching is more than success coaching. It touches every part of a client’s life to create success in one part that is connected with success in another. It’s basic and fundamental because it is coaching at its purest, without the specialization that has crept into all aspects of modern life. But, it is also extreme because it works with the client to achieve success in every corner of their world.

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Fred Philips
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  1. Katrina says

    Sounds like a great field of coaching to enter but dedication to the craft is a must in order to be successful.

  2. Lynne says

    With ultimate success coaching you are able to help your client in varied areas of his personal and professional life. It is a great niche to get into. Thanks for sharing!

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