Training Leadership Skills for Better Coaches and Entrepreneurs

Do you have training leadership skills? Sounds like the phrase is backwards or missed up a bit – perhaps it should be “leadership skills training.” Plenty of coaches offer leadership skills training and you can find pages of information when you do an online search for this. But, this is a bit different.

Training Leadership Skills
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Coaching the Coaches

Coaching is a great gig, and one-one-one coaching usually forms the basis of a thriving practice. However, many coaches expand their businesses beyond the original focus of their practices – one-on-one coaching. They create monetized blogs, write books, conduct seminars, or write books. These additional streams of income can boost reputation, brand, and income.

Another way to create an additional stream of income is to coach the coaches. You can offer training for established or new coaches, or provide information for new and established coaches on running a successful business.

Training coaches means you are training leadership skills.

Training coaches means you are helping them become better leaders.

Training coaching means you are providing them with the opportunity to build their businesses, help more people, and make more money.

Training leadership Skills for Coaches

Coaches need to possess leadership skills. They are leading their clients, whether in a one-on-one environment, seminars, or online – they need to know how to lead.

If you decide to move your business to the next level, and begin training coaches or teaching them how to start and operate a coaching business, you will be teaching leadership skills. You will be helping them become business leaders and coaching leaders.

Coaching the Coaches is Similar to Coaching Clients

If you choose to begin coaching the coaches, here are a few ways you will be developing leadership skills in your clients:

  • Identifying and setting goals.
  • Creating a vision.
  • Creating strategic plans to reach the goals.
  • Creating an environment for success.
  • Establishing ways to measure performance and success.

This sounds a lot like coaching clients, and it is!

Coaching the Coaches to be Entrepreneurs

You can stop at coaching the coaches just to be better coaches. You can offer leadership skills and ways to improve their coaching performance. However, training leadership skills doesn’t have to stop with just the art and science of coaching. It can also extend to being entrepreneurs.

Helping potential or existing coaches to be better entrepreneurs is just as important to business success as helping them become better coaches.

You should also train leadership skills when it comes to business.

  • How to establish a brand.
  • How to successfully market and promote
  • How to establish yourself as an expert.
  • How to engage with the community as a coaching leader.
  • How to build an online reputation and promote nationally or globally.

There are many good coaches who have unsuccessful practices. There are many coaches who taken class after class, seminar after seminar, and have elevated their skills to the highest level possible, yet their practice still lacks the client base or exposure to be successful.

This is where business acumen comes into play. This is why training leadership skills in both coaching and business is important. If you plan on coaching the coaches, make sure to help them be better coaches and better business owners.

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