Three Keys to Mindful Leadership Coaching

There are more than three keys to mindful leadership coaching, and it would be easy to write a book about all the factors that make someone a good mindful leadership coach. But, exploring three main keys will simplify things and allow for further research.

Three Keys to Mindful Leadership Coaching
Three Keys to Mindful Leadership Coaching – rawpixel ©

What is Mindful Leadership?

Mindful leadership is about getting those you lead to work with their present-moment connections. People spend so much time surrounded by distractions – phones, computers, and all forms of modern life. People’s thoughts often wander to past events or future potentialities. Mindful leadership helps involve people in the present – considering a decision, improving a process, working with a colleague.

Why Mindful Leadership?

Before going over the three keys to mindful leadership coaching, it’s important to consider the reason why mindful leadership is important.

Because business exists in a highly dynamic and evolving environment and is filled with daily volatility, it’s crucial to think and make decisions in the present moment – to not lag behind or get ahead of oneself. Mindful leaders can help others handle the stresses of daily business life.

Three Keys to Mindful Leadership Coaching

Though there are many crucial factors, and picking three keys is difficult, these three keys to mindful leadership coach success can create an effective and highly functioning team:

  • Coaching is about achieving goals and a mindful leadership coach can help inspire those with whom they work to achieve goals by aligning their work with both their personal values and the values of the organization.
  • One of the most important keys is the ability to listen and communicate. All coaching is about communication, but mindful leadership coaching makes communication a present-moment event. Leaders need to be able to listen to themselves as well as others.
  • Encouraging creativity means to allow those you lead to think in the moment and not worry about initial reactions or critiques. It’s similar to brainstorming and is often ignored in the workplace as everyone worries about making mistakes or saying something that doesn’t fit.

Mindful Coaching Leaders Work with Fear

I selected the last key because it leads into the fact that mindful leaders work with fear. Fear is one of the biggest obstacles to success, whether individually or organizationally. Fear holds people back from making suggestions, offering ideas, and taking action. Fear stifles creativity. Fears erodes an organization’s chance for success.

Fear is an underlying factor in the three keys to mindful leadership coaching success. It’s probably a factor underlying most any key to success.

Mindful Coaching Leaders Work with Focus

The other common element that underlies the three keys to mindful leadership coaching success is focus. Improved focus is an important factor in individual or company success. An individual needs to be free of distractions and aware of the present moment to make the best decisions, identify the most important goals, and correctly implement the right strategies. An organization needs to have its decision makers and those who carry out the plans on the same page and focused on the end goal.

There are many keys to coaching success, and the three keys to mindful leadership coaching success listed above are three of the most important. If you want to be a mindful leadership coach, knowing these three keys can’t be ignored or overlooked. They address too of the most important impediments to organizational or individual success – fear and focus.

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