The University of Pennsylvania Executive Coaching Programs

The University of Pennsylvania Executive Coaching program consists of a couple different concentrations that are perfect for those seeking to enhance their coaching competencies in the executive and organizational realms.

University of Pennsylvania Executive Coaching
University of Pennsylvania Executive Coaching – Dmitriy Shironosov ©

A couple different concentrations fit the criteria as executive coaching programs. These may be of interest to anyone seeking to enter this rewarding and lucrative field. The University of Pennsylvania is one of the most prestigious universities in the nation, and a degree for a University of Pennsylvania Executive Coaching program would be a wonderful achievement.

Executive Coaching and Feedback

This is through the Wharton School of Business and is more of a support program that an executive coaching program. It provides support for every MBA student at the school to improve leadership skills, discover a deeper sense of self-awareness and enhance success and performance.

This is personalized one-on-one coaching which helps students:

  • Receive feedback on leadership competencies.
  • Receive personalized coaching from an experienced executive coach.
  • Identify leadership strengths and opportunities.
  • Create a leadership development plan that focuses on values, strengths, and goals.

Organizational Coaching

This University of Pennsylvania Executive Coaching concentration focuses on how organizational talent is managed through coaching. The program addresses the history, systems, models, and tools of coaching that integrate with other organizational dynamics competencies (global studies, change management, and project management).

This program is ideal for individuals seeking to enhance their coaching competencies or credentials, HR personnel who work with coaching in their organizations, and managers and executives who want to apply the tools of coaching within their companies or organizations.

Organizational Coaching and Executive Coaching

This concentration is perfect for those students seeking to pursue coaching or consulting as a profession. It’s great for individuals seeking to be an internal coach or consultant (working within a company or organization) or for someone interested in being more of an entrepreneurial executive coach.

Students who complete this program earn a Graduate Certificate in Organizational Consulting and Executive Coaching.

Is University of Pennsylvania Executive Coaching Right for You?

Penn is a prestigious and challenging school. Do you have the discipline and academic fortitude to attend a school of such note? If so, this could be a great choice to jump start your career as an executive, leader, consultant, or executive coach.

In general, these programs are designed for mid-career professionals (managers who seeks to elevate their careers or executives who may want to transition into coaching or consulting). They usually attract professionals from a variety of backgrounds and require no specific prerequisite courses. However, an undergraduate degree, GPA of 3.0, and at least five years of management-related employment are usually required for admittance to one of these programs.

Tuition is not cheap, so be aware that this will be a significant investment of your time and money. However, an investment like this can provide your coaching career with a serious boost!

If you are a professional manager, executive, or business leader, it is definitely worth your time to check out what one of the University of Pennsylvania Executive Coaching programs can offer you.

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