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The Relationship Coach, Midland MI is a business owned and operated by Terri Stevenson. She is a Master’s Level Licensed professional counselor specializing in relationship issues and working with couples. She has helped numerous couples prepare for the ups and downs of long-term relationships and marriage.

Relationship Coach

Terri Stevenson, the owner behind the brand at the Relationship Coach, Midland MI is well known in the local area as an expert on relationship issues. She is a member of the American Counseling Association and the Tri-County Association of Psychotherapists and Circle Business Association.

Is the Relationship Coach Midland MI Right For You?

Are you an individual or a couple? Terri can work with you. Do you need couples or family counseling? If so, the Relationship Coach Midland MI is there to help you. Are you in need of help with any type of relationship, from love to family to work? Terri can find outcomes for you that work!

Terri Stevenson, the Relationship Coach, Midland, MI is the perfect coach for you if you need:

  • • Individual, couple, or family counseling for grief, depression, or anxiety
    • Individual, couple, or family counseling for loss adjustment
    • Counseling for work related issues.
    • Counseling for stress management
    • Parenting concerns and issues
    • Couples and relationship issues
    • Crisis intervention
    • Work with adolescents

What is Relationship Coaching?

If you are in the Midland, MI area, the Relationship Coach, Midland MI and Terri Stevenson can help you find the outcomes you are seeking for many individual, couples, and family issues. But, what exactly is relationship coaching?

Our society is filled with high expectations and disposable relationships – that’s not an environment ideal for long-term relationships. But, relationships are the key to satisfaction and fulfillment in life. Finding and keeping a soulmate, developing positive and beneficial relationships in the workplace, and creating and sustaining mutually rewarding friendships all make life far more interesting and fulfilling.

A relationship coach can help you find happiness and satisfaction in life. Like knowledgeable and skilled relationship coaches across the country, relationship coaching Midland, MI is there to help you get the best out of your relationships.

A Relationship Coach is a Professional Partner

A relationship coach will get to know you, or both of you, and listen to your wants, needs, and issues. A relationship coach will accept you and become invested in your success and happiness. A caring coach will help you discover the power of effective communication and help you overcome obstacles to a happy relationship. A relationship coach is not a friend, because you will be told the truth, but a coach is truly a partner who seeks only the best for you.

The Relationship Coach, Midland Mi, owned by Terri Stevenson will work with you to identify your issues and goals. She will help create a strategic plan to solve the problems and help you reach your relationship goals. Give her a call if you are considering the help of a coach to assist you in finding fulfillment in all your relationships.

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  1. Karen says

    For me relationships are a huge part of one’s life. How you are with others also reflect how you are as a person. I believe that relationship coaching is a great way to help others develop and nurture their relationships and Terri Stevenson is a great coach to do just that.

  2. Marlon says

    I will be sure to look up relationship coach midland mi when I am in the area. Relationship coaching has surely helped numerous couples get in the groove and blossom in their relationships.

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