The Most Important Qualities of a Fitness Coach

What are some common qualities of a fitness coach? Do you think you have what it takes to become a successful fitness coach?

Fitness Coach
Fitness Coach

Fitness Coaches are Everywhere

According to Personal Fitness Professional magazine, an estimated five million Americans are using the services of a personal trainer. This number will undoubtedly grow as more and more Americans seek to lose weight, increase the fitness levels, boost their athletic performance, and get healthy.

Fitness trainers are mentors who can help individuals find positive health outcomes, but like any profession, not all fitness professionals can deliver the same results. If you’re thinking of becoming a fitness coach, personal trainer, or health and wellness coach, take a few moments to see if you have the needed qualities of a fitness coach.

The Most Important Qualities of a Fitness Coach

Here are the most important qualities of a fitness coaching professional who will have the best chance to become successful in the business:

Passion for Fitness. This is perhaps the most logical of the many qualities needed to be a fitness coach. How often do you see a personal trainer who is out of shape? I’ve never seen one – some may be in better shape than others, but everyone I have ever seen is in above-average shape. To be a good fitness coach, you must be passionate about exercise, diet, and nutrition.

Willingness to Learn.  You may think you know plenty about fitness because you to to the gym every day. You may think you can teach fitness because you’ve helped a few buddies learn how to lift at the gym. But, coaching a diverse array of individuals how to improve their fitness levels is much more complex. You have to be willing to take learn about the latest theories on fitness. You will also need to learn anatomy, exercise science, nutrition, behavior modification, and more. Continuing education is crucial for every coach’s success and it’s no different for a fitness coach.

Excellent Communication Skills. Are you good at listening? Do you have excellent active listening skills? If you don’t know what active listening is, you better learn. Active listening is fundamental to the success for any coach and perhaps the most important on this list of qualities of a fitness coach. You must be good at inquiry, listening, comprehension, and feedback. If you feel your communication skills are lacking, find a course on communication and take it!

Empathy and Compassion. If you see an overweight person struggling at the gym, and you look at him with disdain and contempt, then fitness coaching might not be right for you. One of the most important qualities of a fitness coach, or any coach, is empathy and compassion. Empathy is a crucial ingredient for bridging the sometimes wide chasm that divides coach and client. Compassion allows you to feel their pain, live their issues, and suffer the setbacks. With empathy and compassion, you can truly partner with them to succeed.

Patience.  Patience is definitely a virtue. Some clients respond quickly while others respond in a much slower fashion. Dealing with those who respond a bit slower is vital to finding successful outcomes for all your clients.

These are the most important qualities of a fitness coach. If you thinks you have most of these, and are willing to work on the ones that you don’t possess, then fitness coaching is a very rewarding and satisfying career. You get to stay in shape while you help others find health and happiness!

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  1. Mark says

    There is a growing need for a fitness coach as the population increases worldwide and people are made aware of the benefit of being healthy and fit. But there are also a number of prerequisites to being a fitness coach.

  2. Noel says

    The passion for fitness is the first prerequisite to being a fitness coach and all the other requirements follow. It would really be absurd to think that a unfit and unhealthy person be a fitness coach!!

  3. Sherly says

    Becoming a fitness coach is really delicate, you are in charge of someone’s way of living. People should take this seriously. Love all the tips, Fred!

  4. says

    I want to stick to my exercise and weight goals so I am thinking about hiring a fitness coach to help. You make a great point that a qualified coach will have a passion and love for what they do. Also, it is important to me that they are good at communicating and provide positive reinforcement to help me want to improve.

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