Student Success Coach – a Niche for Coaching Success?

What do you think of when you think of a student success coach? A math tutor, a SAT tutor, or someone who helps high school students polish up their college entrance essays?

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That really doesn’t sound like something an individual trained to be a coach would consider…right?

Student Success Coaching is Much More Than Tutoring

Well, being a student success coach does include tutoring and essay writing help, but it is so much more than that. It’s a field with plenty of possibilities, little competition, and the chance for business and coaching success.

The first measure of student success is, of course, grades and test scores. But, depending on what students you are coaching, it also involves successful socialization, time management, learning how to research and complete essays and projects, and becoming more adaptable and flexible in various situations, both educationally and socially.

What Does a Student Success Coach Do?

  • Work with young students to help them learn the basics of certain subjects. Math is often the most difficult subject for many students. If you are capable in math, there will always be someone in need of your services.
  • Work with high school students on subjects with bot specific subjects and socialization.
  • Work with high school students in preparing for college. You can help with college essays and applications: tutor students for the entrance exams: help them find the right colleges that fit their academic profile, college and career goals, and budget: and help them prepare mentally for being away from home and on their own.
  • Work with college students, especially first-year students. One of the most difficult things for freshman college students is time management. New surroundings, new friends, parties, boyfriends and girlfriends, and more difficult schoolwork make time such a problematic issue. You can offer ways to manage time, insights into how to best utilize their time, and ways to enjoy their time.

Why Should You Consider Being a Student Success Coach?

  • You get to work with young, ambitious people who are seeking solutions and outcomes. It’s a great feeling to help an eager young student find their way and succeed. Nothing is more satisfying than knowing you help put someone’s life on the right track.
  • It’s a relatively large market – there are millions of students and their parents desperate for information and help. If you can offer positive outcomes for this group, you will have it made in the shade!
  • Marketing is still a pain in the neck, but in some ways it is easier to market as a student success coach – your market is well-defined, you have a large pool of potential clients in almost any geographic area, has many potential places for promotion, and the market is filled with people seeking answers and solutions.
  • You will love what you do. Working with eager young minds is an incredible experience, and by defining student success coaching as your niche, this is exactly what you will be doing every day!
  • You have the chance to make a very good living. Because it’s a large market, and expected to continue growing, becoming a student success coach will set you up for a career that has the potential to be both financially and personally rewarding.

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  1. Ellise says

    I would agree that choosing this coaching niche will guarantee success not only financially but also personally…this is the satisfaction you get after helping a student get ahead in his/her life!

  2. Kamie Arce says

    I believe that this is a really good choice in terms of clientele and market size…there are millions of students who need your help…imagine yourself with a fraction of this market…what a great future for you! Thumbs Up!

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