Starting a Life Coaching Business – Simple But Not Easy

Starting a life coaching business? You’ve heard how easy it is? How anyone can do it? You’ve seen the hype, right? Well, let me burst your bubble – it isn’t easy!

Life Coaching Business

Starting a Coaching Business is Not Easy

Do you really think starting a life coaching business is easy? Do you think it’s easy being a business owner? Starting, owning, and operating your own business is hard work. You have to be willing to work your butt off. You have to be willing to take a punch and get right back up. You have to be willing to handle rejection and harsh feedback. You have to be willing to accept failure and then take that failure and turn it into success.

If you aren’t a “can-do” type of person, if you aren’t someone who can constantly learn from your mistakes, and if you aren’t the type of individual who sees failure as just another opportunity for success, then starting a life coaching business might not be right for you.

Starting a Life Coaching Business is Simple

Huh? But I just said that starting a life coach business is not easy – you are wondering if I’m contradicting myself.

No, starting any business is not easy, but it can be simple if you know what you’re doing, follow some simple steps, and listen to the right advice.

The Difference Between Simple and Easy

Easy and simple are often used interchangeably – and it’s not wrong to use them that way. However, they do have different meanings. Let’s use weight loss for an example. It’s very easy to lose weight – now you’re laughing at me. But, in theory, it is simple. Consume less calories than you burn – exercise more, eat less, or better yet, do both. Simple, right?

However, anyone who has ever struggled with weight, and that means millions of Americans, it is definitely not easy to lose weight! It’s a struggle, and it takes maximum discipline and plenty of hard work.

It’s the same thing for starting a business, including becoming a life coach. It takes hard work, patience, discipline, a dedication to improvement, and a true “can-do” attitude. That’s not easy!

But, following the right steps and doing the right things can make starting a life coaching business relatively simple.

How to Make Starting a Life Coaching Business Simple

  • Education. Get educated and trained. This is best done by taking an accredited life coaching program. You also need to supplement your education by reading blogs and articles, attending seminars and workshops, and reading and watching anything you can that involves the techniques of coaching and the operations of a coaching business.
  • Get certified. When you finish you accredited coaching program, you want to get the certification. It is not a requirement, but it is a necessity. This will help assure your clients that you have worked to be the best coach you can be.
  • Start Your Business With Help. Unless you have experience starting a business, it is best to get advice. Help from another coach, courses on starting a business through an accredited coaching program, the use of a business coach, or mentoring from business owners can also help make this step simple, and much easier!
  • Make the Transition. Most coaches begin their careers as side gigs. They work as a coach part-time and continue on with their day job. However, with a little success comes the desire to be a coach full-time. Once again, make this simple step easier by getting advice from professionals, running the numbers (how much it will cost, if the income is enough to replace your salary, how much you can make as a full-time coach), and creating a business plan that will help guide your during this transition.

As you can see, these are fairly simple steps. However, these steps take hard work and a dedication to success, and therefore, are not easy. But the one theme running through all these steps is to get help. Starting a life coaching business involves simple steps that are not easy. Taking an accredited coaching program, seeking advice from other coaches, hiring a business coach, attending seminars and workshops on operating a business – these are all ways to make the simple much easier!

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Fred Philips
Business Coach
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  1. Kego says

    Starting a coaching business is not easy but it is simple and is just like any other business where you have to be a “can do” person and be willing to accept the challenges. Very sound advice!

  2. Joaquin Fortunato says

    The four steps that are a necessity are: education,certification, get help from professionals, and make the transition from your regular job to coaching when your income can replace the other job you presently have.

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