Start a Life Coach Business and Have a Great Life

What will happen if you start a life coach business? What will happen in your life? Well, it’s hard to predict what the future holds, but starting a life coach business is a good career choice and bodes well for your future.

Start a Life Coach Business
Start a Life Coach Business – Illia Uriadnikov ©

First the Bad News About Life Coaching

When you start a life coach business, it’s not all rainbows and unicorns. It’s hard work. It’s a business, and building and operating a business, any business, is very difficult. Markets are very competitive, clients can be very fickle, marketing is a necessary evil that many coaches perilously ignore, and being an entrepreneur involves hard work.

If you decide to become a life coach and start a coaching practice, be prepared for tough times and hard work. It’s no picnic!

Coaching is Also a Skill

Not only is coaching a business, it is also a skill. Like teaching or graphic design or architecture. It’s a skill to learn the tools and theories of coaching, and it’s an even more refined skill to be able to take those tools and theories and impart them in simple and effective ways to clients.

So, to be a successful coach, you have to have the right skills, be able to condense those skills into a coherent package for your clients while also running a business.

Enough of the bad news -now, the good news!

Start a Life Coach Business and Have a Great Life

If you are willing to learn the right skills, have the ability to adapt those skills to the needs of your clients, and have the patience and work ethic to run a business in a competitive and difficult environment, then you can have a great life as a life coach.

Does Passion Equal Profit?

When you start a life coach business you might think your passion for coaching will make you successful. Well, I’ve already mentioned that you have to possess the skills and be able to run a business to be successful. So, passion does not equal profit – you’ll see many coaching experts tell you this over and over again.

However, passion is not the only driver for profit, but without it, you’ll potential for success decreases. You need passion to succeed.

It’s passion that drives you to work those extra hours needed to make a business work. It’s passion that drives you to market when you really hate marketing.It’s passion that drives you to find outcomes for your most difficult clients.

Passion might not be the only factor in the profit equation, but without it, you’re much less likely to successful solve that equation.

Can Life Coaches Have Great Lives?

Of course they can. It takes work, commitment, dedication, education, hard work, and probably a little luck. But, if you are doing something you are passionate about, and have the skills to positively influence the lives of others, then your life will be enhanced. When your business becomes successful and you are making a good living, then your life becomes even greater.

Yes, you can start a life coach business and have a great life. It’s not easy, but the best things in life are never easy.

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Business Coach
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  1. Suzy says

    Hi Fred! This is really great. I’ve been having doubts as to whether I could start my own life coaching business and coming across your article was really helpful. It put a lot of perspective for me and hopefully I become successful.

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