is More Than a Webpage is the site for relationship coaching from Jack Ito, a marriage and relationship coach. Just a quick glance at the site will give you the impression that there is plenty of useful information available for free from Jack Ito. – Ruslan Borodin ©

Who is Jack Ito?

Jack describes a childhood in which he often spent time hiding under the bed with his hands pressed against his ears while his parents fought. He was cared for his mom and for himself. He has turned that fear into a career helping people save relationships and find meaningful, loving, and committed partners.

Jack has a Masters of Arts ins Psychology and one in Theology. He also has a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Clinical Psychology. He now specializes in fostering intimacy in damaged marriages and committed relationships. The site, provides a brief glimpse of his coaching philosophy and what he can do for couples.

What Information Can You Find on

There’s plenty of free information on Jack Ito’s site. Relationship-coach is packed with information on ways to foster communication within a committed relationship. Here are just a few of the subtopics on his site:

  • Five lessons for building (or rebuilding) love
  • How to effectively respond to an affair
  • How to disagree without causing a fight
  • How to stop being jealous
  • How to improve a marriage
  • How to have a great date with your mate
  • How to talk about serious relationship problems
  • How to be less needy in a relationship
  • Why being married is better

I don’t come across too many websites with this much free information. Jack Ito obviously understands that if you provide valuable information for free, potential clients will think a few positive things about his coaching:

  • Dr. Ito has plenty of valuable information and insight
  • Dr. Ito is happy to provide helpful information for free.
  • Dr. Ito must have more valuable information and help for paying clients.

Communication is the Key to Relationship Coaching

The website, is filled with tidbits of valuable information, much of it about communication. It seems obvious that communication is one of the most important factors in a healthy relationship, but communication is also one of the first things to be sacrificed as a relationship deteriorates.

As a coach, Dr. Ito stresses the importance of communication. One of the best segments on his website is: How to Disagree with Your Spouse and Still Get Along.

Even if you don’t have a damaged relationship, the advice in this section can be beneficial for everyone. There is information on how not to disagree (spoiler warning: don’t say, “I disagree.”), and there is information on the right ways to disagree. The section doesn’t just contain a few bullet points; it offers sage and comprehensive advice on how to have a disagreement with your spouse.

Relationship Coaching is Needed More Than Ever

Our world is dynamic, challenging, and filled with potholes and obstacles. Having a positive, committed relationship is difficult in the modern world. Relationship coaching can help – getting help from the experts is one way to repair and improve a loving, yet damaged relationship.

Check out for some great advice on how to repair your relationship. If you need more, relationship coach, Dr. Jack Ito has the outcomes you may need.

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