Push Your Wellness Coach Salary Beyond the $100,000 Mark

Do you want a $100,000 wellness coach salary? Or how about a salary that goes above and beyond the $100,000 figure? Is it even possible?

Wellness Coach Salary
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Rich Coach Poor Coach

Some coaches do well and some coaches fail. Some coaches make great money while others struggle to make ends meet. The difference between success and failure or between rich and poor can be razor thin. There are many factors that determine success, including:

  • How well you coach.
  • How well you choose your target market.
  • How consistently you can provide the outcomes your clients are seeking.
  • How well you have branded yourself.
  • The competition.
  • How well you market.
  • How well you adapt to changes in the industry.
  • How well trained you are and how consistently you keep up with your education.

The More Pistons the More Power

One of the most important factors that determine a wellness coach salary are the number of additional streams of income you have. One-on-one coaching is limited by time – no matter how good you are and how many clients are beating down your door, you are limited by the hours in a day. Yes, you can raise your hourly fees, but you can’t go beyond what clients are willing to pay.

You need others ways to make money.

You need additional streams of income to ratchet up your wellness coaching salary. You need more offerings, more services, and more products.

Boost Your Wellness Coach Salary

To push your salary to the limits, you can begin by offering more services in your face-to-face coaching. You can offer monthly packages which will ensure that you have a steady stream of income for a specified period of time. However, this really doesn’t push your income-making abilities much higher.

You can also offer group coaching – charge less but have more clients filling up an hour of time. If you charge $150 per hour for one client, why not charge only $50 per hour and coach six clients at a time. Now you’re making $300 per hour for your wellness coaching expertise!

More Products Equal More Coaching Money

Going beyond face-to-face coaching is where the big money is made. This is how you can become a superstar coach and boost your wellness coach salary beyond your wildest dreams!
There are many different ways to create additional streams of income to supplement and compliment your coaching practice. Some of these ways are:

  • Start writing articles and blogs – not the biggest money maker, but as you become more well-known, you can charge more for your blogs and articles.
  • Start writing…a book! You’re an expert wellness coach and you have enough knowledge to write a book. Create some unique content and give potential readers something new and valuable and you can make great money with a book.
  • DVDs – help wellness seekers find the outcomes they seek through the magic of video!
  • Seminars – similar to group coaching, but the numbers are greater, and the profits are greater!
  • Online coaching – this opens you up to the world, and a world of new income!

There are many other ways to boost your wellness coach salary and income to the $100,000 level and beyond. Get some experience under your belt and the sky’s the limit!

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