Offer Career Coaching Skills for Executives in Your Coaching Practice

Career coaching skills for supervisors seem like a waste of time. Why would they need to worry about career coaching skills? They really don’t need those skills for themselves since they have already forged out successful careers, and they shouldn’t be worrying about the careers of their subordinates and team members.

Or should they?

Career Coach
Career Coach

Career Coaching Skills For Supervisors

Though supervisors and executives would be hard pressed for time to help all their employees in reaching career goals, it might be a way to begin connecting with more employees and improving their productivity. If an employee feels wanted and feels as if their boss is trying to help them get ahead, they will most likely become more productive and more passionate about their work.

Learning about an employee’s wants and goals is a career coaching skill for supervisors that truly works to develop a connection between boss and subordinate, and works to improve productivity and loyalty.

Why Supervisors Should Work on Their Career Coaching Skills

Career coaching skills for supervisors includes many things that coaches of all stripes do with their clients. These include:

  • Active listening – the ability to hear not only the words, but also the tone and the context in which those words are said. It also includes understanding body language and incorporating feedback into the conversation or meeting.
  • The ability to be encouraging and supportive while offering constructive criticism.
  • The ability to be flexible and adaptable – understanding that wants, goals and needs change, both for the company and the employee.
  • Possessing knowledge and tools that can help the employee better themselves, both within the framework of the company and independent of the organization.
  • The ability to be creative and innovative and helping the employee find their own inner creativity.

Why Does it Matter if Supervisors Have Career Coaching Skills?

Do you think most supervisors possess these career coaching skills? Do you think they are acquainted with what each employee wants and needs to be happy and content in the workplace? Probably a Big fat NO to both of those questions.

Do you see where this is going? If you are a business or an executive coach, here is where you can add something to your coaching practice. You can start working with your clients on career coaching skills for supervisors and executives. Bringing these coaching skills to your sessions can give you an advantage on the competition. Sure, you’ll have to convince them that they need these skills. But, once they are convinced that these skills will actually help organizational productivity, they will see the light, and you will have more business because you will be able to give your client outcomes they were not even expecting.

Career coaching skills for supervisors may be a tough sell initially, so you have to find ways to convince them that employees will become more productive employees if they feel as if their bosses are concerned with the advancement of their careers.

Give them something other coaches aren’t. Give your supervisorial, executive and managerial clients the ability to offer career coaching skills to their employees – the success and prosperity of their company may depend on it!

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  1. Matt says

    This is true! No matter what position someone is, they can always get the help they need. I think its beneficial for anyone to have this in their business.

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