Measuring the Effectiveness of Career Coaching Success

How do you measure the effectiveness of career coaching success? How do you measure any level of success? Do you look at your bank account? The number of clients you have? Your client retention rate? The length of your career? Your Yelp reviews?

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Career Coach

3 Ways to Measure the Effectiveness of Career Coaching Success


For many coaches, the true measure of the effectiveness of your coaching and success is income. Are you making six figures or more? Do you have a stable income flow that affords you a nice lifestyle and the ability to comfortably pay the bills? Financial stability is one of the truest measures of success.

Client Base

Have you worked with a high number of clients over the years? Do you have a decent client retention rate? This ties in closely with income – the larger your historical and present client base, the more coaching income you have made in your coaching career. If you’ve been in business a few years and you can count the number of clients of your fingers and toes, you might still have a distance to go to call yourself a success (unless those clients have been extremely wealthy people who were paying you thousands of dollars per session!). If you need a calculator to count your clients, the you’ve probably been a successful coach!


Though income and clients are numerical metrics that show success, one of the best measures of the effectiveness of career coach success is reputation. What are former and present clients saying about you? Do you get a high number of referrals from other clients? What do other coaches in your area or specialty think of you? Take a look on the Internet and see if you can find out anything about your coaching – is it positive, negative, or mixed?

Measuring Coaching Success One Client at a Time

Though income and reputation are important metrics – if you aren’t making income, you probably won’t be a coach for very long – coaches are truly interested in helping their clients. You can measure the effectiveness of career coaching success in a few ways with each client.


Conducting review sessions at the beginning, in the middle, and at the end with each client is one way to see how far they have come. Have they reached their goals? Have they achieved their dreams? Have they improved their lives and enhanced their happiness? With regular and comprehensive reviews, accountability and sustainability improves, and the effectiveness of career coaching success is enhanced.

Psychological Assessments

Now that coaching and psychology overlap to a certain degree, the use of psychological assessment in a coaching practice has become more common. There are a number of different assessments, such as the Harrison Paradox Report, which helps to show how someone reacts under normal and stressful conditions that can be useful tools in measuring the effectiveness of career coaching success.

Being cognizant of these five measures and using them to assess your success can help you improve as a coach. The more you improve, the more likely you will become a coaching success and enjoy a rewarding and financially successful career as a coach.

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  1. Beth says

    Now having a coaching business doesn’t always guarantee it’s success. We also have to know when our business is flourishing so these tips really can help you measure what you should whether your business is doing good or not.

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