Learn About Money, Sex, and Housework with Relationship Coaching Training

Comprehensive relationship coaching training is essential for anyone seeking to become a successful relationship coach. It provides you with the skills and knowledge you need to find outcomes for your clients and to build up a good reputation in the industry.

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So – what skills and knowledge do you need? First, let’s talk about the issues you will be facing when you work as a relationship coach. What problems do couples have for which you will need to find solutions and outcomes?

The three main problems seem to be money, sex, and housework. These issues cause more battles and ruin happy homes more often than any others.


According to a Harris Interactive poll of over 1,000 adults, the most common topic of fighting among American couples is finances. The most likely reason to fight over money is unexpected expenses, followed by insufficient savings, and deceitful financial behavior. So, any relationship coaching training you take better deal with ways to help couples work out financial issues. You have to help them work with budgets, reign in excessive spending, and being open and honest with each other about their financial lives.


Let’s talk about sex! You better be ready, willing, and able to talk about sex when working with clients. Relationship coach training should incorporate issues about sex and intimacy when training coaches. You should be able to help clients make sex more of a priority, help them find new ways to make things more interesting, and assist them with talking to each other about their sexual wants and needs.


Do couples argue about who takes out the trash, does the dishes, shops for groceries, or takes the kids to school? You bet they do! These items may seem trivial when compared to financial issues, but they are everyday items that can cause big problems in a marriage or relationship. Your relationship coaching training should provide you with the skills and knowledge to deal with these routine but significant issues.

The Most Important Thing Relationship Coaching Training Should Teach

Though money, sex, and housework seem to be three of the most common issues in relationships, there is something that ties them all together – communication.

As a relationship coach, your principle mission is to help couples learn how to communicate. Efficient and compassionate communication is perhaps the most important key to a successful, long-term relationship. Relationship coaching training should provide you with the skills and knowledge to help couples improve their communication skills.

Before you sign up for any coaching training, it is advisable to find out about their courses and how much emphasis they place on teaching communication skills – both skills involving communication between coach and client, and communication between one partner and the other.

Relationship coaching training should cover all aspects of coaching – from active listening, the art of inquiry, the most recent techniques in the industry, and the skills needed to run a business. However, relationship coaches also need to learn the skills and knowledge targeted toward relationship issues.

If you can help couples deal with negative issues involving money, sex, and housework, you are on your way to helping many couples, and establishing yourself as an expert relationship coach.

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  1. Peter Parker says

    Aside from the listening skill, I would rank communication as the second most important skill a relationship coach should have. One may have all the ideas and information but if not properly relayed it is meaningless.

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