How To Speak With Confidence And Impact By Persuasion

My coaching clients ask me all the time about how to speak with confidence or how to be confident and get the right people to look at you like you’re a leader who can take charge and become the leader of your family and get your team at work to be the best they can be and master the big vision that everybody wants to achieve.

Confidence is the coveted emotional state of mind that you want because confidence attracts like a magnet. Combine confidence with persuasion and the potion you mix together becomes a magnetic personality.

The person who masters confidence and persuasion becomes a top producer, a world renown scientist, a famous artist, or a rising politician.

How to speak with confidence strategies

It has been said that the best way to become great is to emulate the great in feeling and action as closely as possible.

To speak confidentially like a Barak Obama or Donald Trump, you can do what they do to speak with confidence by taking on their magnetic state of mind.

Now imagine you’re Donald Trump for the next five minutes and see the world from his eyes. Stand like Mr. Trump and put the same grimace on your face like he does. Can you gesture like Trump?

Stand up right now and do this if you want to know how to speak with confidence and persuasion.

Talk with the same intensity that Trump speaks with when he’s being interviewed on TV. Trump speaks with force and passion.

How do you believe Trump feels when he’s speaking so confidentially and persuasively? You want to get yourself to feel the same way by believing what you think Trump believes and become a tough cookie for a few minutes.

This is how to speak with confidence when you start taking on Donald Trumps state of mind every day for a few minutes like what I’m describing, I promise you that you will be seen by others being just as confident and obnoxious as Trump can be at times.

What’s a confident state of mind?

A state of mind consists of 3 familiar parts:

Your physiology, which is your biochemistry or emotions, your facial expressions, the way you stand and gesture, etc. Your physiology is about the way you feel.

Your focus and beliefs, which is the core beliefs you have about what it means to be confident. Your beliefs lock in your physiology and your beliefs and focus controls your emotions in how to speak with confidence and persuasion.

Your language, which is yourself talk. It’s the movies you play in your imagination. It’s the words you speak out loud or the silent ones you think to yourself.

Now it’s best that you choose the role models that you feel most comfortable with and practice taking on their state of mind to discover how to speak with confidence and persuasion.

I’m often drawn to the TV to watch Barak Obama speak because I want to see if he’s going to speak with confidence or crack under intense political pressure because I’m surprised that with all the flack he takes on a minute by minute basis from the opposition party and the conservative talk radio shows and the Press, I’m shocked by just how confident he is in the face of this nasty criticism and sometimes complete lies.

Now Barak has to psych himself out and amplify his state of mind constantly to maintain his optimism and confidence so he always speaks with power and passion. Barak has learned how to speak with confidence by acknowledging his powerful role models who are living today that you can recognize and those who have passed on but will never be forgotten that he emulates to maintain that state of mind of a Commander and Chief who’s always in charge of his mental state, and hence his confidence.

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Donald Hunter
Certified JTS Accountability And Strategy Coach

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  1. says

    Thank you for your great suggestions about how to speak with confidence.

    For me confidence is something that grows as I practice.
    Personally I like to choose a different role model, maybe more like Oprah, Louise Hay or any of the other motivational speakers which to me feel good to listen too. Anthony Robbin and Denis Waitley would be some male example of these.

    Thanks again for the food for thought.

  2. marquita herald says

    Great tips Donald. I made my living speaking to groups – small and large – for 25+ years. A lot of people do, but I’m also a card carrying introvert and work at fading into the wallpaper at parties. I actually got into the business quite by accident and was good enough at it that things kind of evolved from there. For me it was all about my audience …I went out of my way to interact with my audience because I fed off ot their reactions. I was terrified before a talk – absolutely LOVED the experience once I was in front of the audience – and then had to go hide somewhere quiet and alone to rebuild my energy after.

  3. says

    Donald, your article brings two things to mind: (1) I, personally, am most confident when I KNOW my subject matter and am passionate about it; (2) Confidence comes from truly listening to people and answering their questions, i.e., giving them what they need.

    In addition, my understanding is that in the world of man/woman relations, while men rank a host of physical attributes as top on a list of characteristics that attract them, women on the other hand most often rank a man’s self confidence as the most attractive feature.

  4. Peter Fuller says

    Thanks for the tips Donald

    I would add one, practice, practice. practice

    Practice in front of the mirror, in front of a video camera, everywhere until you start to build confidence

    If you have passion about the subject material confidence will happen


  5. Roshanda Gilmore says

    Excellent article Donald!

    I found this statement to be quite powerful:

    “Your language, which is yourself talk. It’s the movies you play in your imagination. It’s the words you speak out loud or the silent ones you think to yourself.”

    That is so true! We entertain way to many false stories in our minds. It’s critical to kick unwanted visitors out of our mental space!

    Thanks for sharing!

  6. Steve Nicholas says

    Great post! I must admit, though, that I wouldn’t exactly use Donald Trump as an example to talk about confidence, because I think that there is a difference between confidence and egomania 😉 That being said, you are so right about the need for that inner calm that helps someone get things done. Admittedly, there are times whether you wonder if it is chicken or egg, but it really is amazing to see what happens when someone has that power of conviction and knows how to help others see it as well.

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