How to Make Your Clients Brains 7 Years Younger With Meditation Coaching

Meditation coaching is not some new-agey, guru-type teaching that is only for monks and aging hippies in flowing robes. It can be a useful tool for anyone and everyone. It can be successfully incorporated into a life or any other coaching practice as an additional tool to help your clients find happiness and contentment in their lives. Oh, and it can help your clients’ brains become 7 years younger than the brains of people who don’t hire you as a coach.

Make Your Brain Younger

Remember that movie with Brad Pitt, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, where the main character actually aged backwards? Well, a brain may not be able to completely reverse the aging process, but mediation can help brain functioning stay agile and young.

A study from the University of California at Los Angeles found that the gray matter in the brain declined less with age for people who practiced meditation. At age 50, the brains of meditators were estimated to be 7.5 years younger than those in the control group. Though the results don’t conclusively prove that meditation makes your brain younger, it does suggest a link between meditation and a younger brain. Combine this with research and anecdotal evidence that shows meditation reduces stress and boosts creativity, it might be a good idea to start meditating.

Make Your Client’s Brain Younger With Meditation Coaching

With research and plenty of anecdotal evidence showing the benefits of meditation, it’s time to make meditation coaching part of your practice. It doesn’t matter what type of coaching you do, everyone can benefit from meditation. Do you coach executives? Well, meditation can help them clear their brains to make quicker and more focused decisions. Do you coach athletes? Meditation is perfect for competitive athletes, and their minds need to be clear and able to focus on the game, the competition, and the moment. Being a meditation coach has many applications.

5 Reasons to Meditate

Clients may not always be responsive to meditation coaching – they may view it as something for people with more time or aging hippies. If your clients initially balk at learning meditation, here are a few reasons you can give them that just might help them change their minds.

  • It can clear the mind, which enables focused and targeted thinking
  • It helps practitioners keep a cool head while problems and pressures are increasing
  • It can help relieve stress and lessen the effects of those problems on health and happiness.
  • It can help slow down thinking – yes, that’s a good thing, and can allow for better decision making.
  • It can shift brains into higher mental gears – that’s something that can benefit everyone, from someone hiring a weight loss coach to an elite athlete hiring an athletic coach.

Meditation is for Anyone and Everyone

Because meditation can benefit everyone, meditation coaching can be incorporated into any type of coaching practice. Learn how to meditate, and then bring this knowledge to your coaching sessions – it’s like a face lift for the brain. Your clients may not look any younger after sessions with you, but their brains will become 7 years younger!

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    This seems to be a good idea to try. I really think meditation coaching is the next thing for life coaches.

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