How to Get One of the Many Available Personal Fitness Coaching Jobs

The fitness coaching industry is booming and there will be plenty of personal fitness coaching jobs in the near future. There’s an aging population seeking to remain active, stay healthy, and ward off the effects of aging as long as they can. There are plenty of millennials seeking to lead a healthy lifestyle and get in and stay in shape.

Personal Fitness Coaching
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They need you – the personal fitness coach – to help them achieve their fitness goals.

Statistics Don’t Lie About the Coaching Industry

Annual growth in the coaching industry over the past five years has been nearly 5%, and it is expected to grow even faster over the next five years. Though all segments of the coaching industry will see an expansion, the fitness coaching industry will experience a bigger boom than most – The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the personal fitness coaching field will grow by over 20% percent in the next decade.

So – how do you get in on this boom? How do you jump on for a potentially prosperous and profitable ride?

How to Become a Personal Fitness Coaching Expert

Here are a few steps to becoming a personal trainer, fitness coach, athletic coach, strength trainer, or any one of the many different jobs and occupations within the personal fitness coaching field.

Get off the couch.

It starts by putting down the remote and the box of crackers; it starts by getting in shape. If you’re going to talk the talk, you better walk the walk! You don’t see many fitness coaches with beer bellies – who would trust their fitness goals to someone who can’t bother to get in top shape and be a role model?

Get educated.

You can start your education on your own. Read and learn – read articles, blogs, and books. There is a plethora of fitness information that is affordable and accessible. Self-education is an important component of becoming a fitness coach.

Get trained and certified.

The next step is to find a fitness coaching program that offers a fitness coaching certification. There are numerous certification programs for fitness, health, and wellness coaches. Some of the accredited fitness organizations that certify trainers and coaches include the American Council on Exercise, the American College of Sports Medicine, the American Fitness Professional and Associates, and the American Senior Fitness Association.

Get a job or a practice.

Once you are ready to be a personal fitness coaching expert, you will need to decide on getting a job or opening your own practice. Both have pros and cons, and only you can decide which way the ledger leans for you. It has to be your personal decision. For some people the only way to go is to run their own business; but others prefer to let someone else handle the administrative and marketing duties while they do the coaching.

Be healthy and prosperous.

Personal fitness coaching puts you in a field where you can enjoy a healthy lifestyle and make money while helping others enjoy the same benefits of fitness and health.

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