How to Create a Stunning Online Coaching Website

An online coaching website is one of the easiest ways to boost your coaching business. You’ve probably seen the ads about making $20,000 or more per month as a coach. Well, some of them are pure hype, but some of them provide great information about building a coaching business that really prospers.

Online Coaching Website
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Go Online Young Man (or Woman)

You’ve probably heard the phrase, “go west, young man.” It is credited to Horace Greeley and referred to Manifest Destiny and the westward expansion of America. For coaching purposes, we can change that to, go online, young man (or woman), or go online, any man (or woman), if you want to create stratospheric levels of income for your coaching business.

It Starts with a Coaching Website

The first move to moving your business online is to create an online coaching website. Everything you do will begin and end with your website. The website is the hub of your online coaching business, and if you continue to do one-on-one coaching, it can serve as a conduit to that part of your business. Your website must be attractive and easy-to-navigate. It must reflect the quality of your coaching. Make it good!

How to Create a Stunning Online Coaching Website

  • Get a domain name that matches your coaching practice as closely as possible and draws attention to your superior coaching skills. If you want to call your business, Superior Life Coaching for Single Moms, try to get a domain that is close to that –,, Try to keep it simple and as close to real words as possible (no abbreviations or acronyms). You want people to be able to easily type it in and find it.
  • Don’t scrimp. You can look for ways to save money, but scrimping on your website is one of the surest ways to end up with a website that is far from visually compelling and one that lacks the pizzazz it needs to draw attention. If you really need to use a website designer, then spend the money to get it right. However, there are many online website builders that are perfect for the technically challenged.
  • Select the right template. Unless you use a graphic designer who creates a custom design, you will be using a template. Your website should be attractive and make an impression. Online coaching websites that don’t make an impression won’t stand out from the crowd and get passed over for one that does.
  • Information and ideas. Your online coaching website should offer plenty of quality information and ideas for the casual online viewer. If your website content lacks good information, the website visitor may assume your coaching is lacking, too!
  • Easy to Read. Everything on your website should be easy. The font should be large enough for anyone to read without strain, the pictures should be clear but not obtrusive, and the information about your services (price, location, videos, discounts, etc.) should be easy to find. If you monetize your online coaching website with ads, take care not to make them too intrusive. People understand the need for ads, but they will click off your site if the ads become too overwhelming.

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