How to Become an ICF Life Coach

If you happen to be charismatic, energetic, and of a helpful nature, becoming an ICF life coach is probably a good idea.

ICF Life Coach, International Coach Federation

The entire process of becoming a life coach is simple and anyone with the right attributes and bent of mind can easily become good life coaches.

First up, you should identify a particular area in life that you want to specialize in, for example, providing help on matters related to finance, how to improve personal relationships or help people choose their careers and a lot more.

If you want more information about how to become an ICF life coach, then it pays to attend coaching seminars where you will learn how the process of life coaching really works. At the same time, you should closely observe how ICF life coaches actually interact with the attendees. If you can get a chance to do so, try and speak with the life coach after the conclusion of the seminar or the class and ask for advice on how to become an ICF life coach.

Once you have learned how to become a life coach you can then sign up with online life coaching courses or even the nearest college where you will get the necessary tools to learn to become a life coach. After you are through with your life coaching training courses, you should try and become accredited so that when clients see your CV, they will be more inclined to hire you.

If you are serious about becoming a certified life coach, getting accredited with the International Coach Federation or the ICF is the way to go.

There Are No Shortcuts to Help You Become an ICF Life Coach

Becoming a professional life coach requires more than just having the desire to be of help to others. In fact, there are also no shortcuts or automatic means by which a person can qualify to become a professional life coach.

If you wish to become a professional life coach, you will need to first of all start by evaluating your abilities and capacities to skillfully deal with people who are in need of help and also be sure that you can evaluate in a detached manner all kinds of situations that your would-be clients usually tend to face.

Next, you need to be sure that you are getting the certification for the right reasons so that you are then able to provide suitable services to your clients.

To become a professional life coach also requires that you undergo training and be educated in your field of choice so that you are qualified enough to provide professional life coaching services. What’s more, a professional life coach needs to deal with a variety of different types of people and so before they can think about becoming a professional life coach, they should be sure that they have the capability to handle these different kinds of people and in the best manner possible.

Be Detached and Dispassionate

Being intellectual and detached as well as dispassionate about your client’s situations are keys to becoming a successful professional life coach because these attributes help a person to arrive at logical conclusions and help provide more suitable solutions to different kinds of problems.

It will certainly help your cause if you have a degree in a subject such as psychology because then you will have a background that will help you study the condition of your client and come up with the best solutions. However, there are no hard and fast rules regarding what qualifications are necessary before a person can become a professional life coach.

You have various options open to you after becoming a professional life coach including working out of your home or over the Internet or even interacting with your clients in your office. Remember also that a successful professional life coach is one who understands verbal communication as well as knows body language and can base their solutions on the study of these two factors.

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