How Many Types of Life Coaching Niches Are There?

There are a million and one types of life coaching. Or more.

Types of Life Coaching
Types of Life Coaching – Nicola Zalewski ©

You have myriad possibilities when deciding what type of life coach you want to be. Life coaching segments or niche exist for almost every segment of population or aspect of life.

Life Coaching Covers Plenty of Territory

When you use the word “life’ you are talking about the complete range of human experience. From health to wealth, from career to athletics, from business to relationships.

Coaches who position themselves to be money coaches are really life coaches. Others who call themselves relationship coaches are also life coaches. Even executive coaching is a segment of life coaching. These are types of life coaching. It’s all life coaching!

9 Types of Life Coaches

You want a coach to help you with some aspect of your life? You can find it – there are coaches of all types and stripes! Here is a sample list of various types of life coaches:

  • Personal Life coach
  • Relationship coach
  • Career coach
  • Executive coach
  • Health and wellness coach
  • Money and wealth coach
  • Business coach
  • Leadership and performance coach
  • Sports coach

This is certainly not a comprehensive list, but it covers the basic life coaching categories and can be helpful for individuals interested in becoming a coach.

A Million and One Types of Life Coaching

Let’s say you want to become a personal life coach – the most general kind of life coach. However, you can certainly narrow down your focus and target market and appeal to a specific group of people.

If you are a woman, perhaps you want to help empower women to become their best in life – you can elect to become a women’s personal life coach. Perhaps you see a need amongst retirees – brand yourself as a life coach for seniors, or those over 55 and retired. Perhaps you want to combine life coaching with leadership coaching and become a personal leadership and life coach.

The great thing about coaching is that you can become whatever type of coach you desire – as long as there is a market for your services.

Be a Bigger Fish in a Smaller Pond With Coaching Niches

One of the reasons to specialize or narrow your focus is to become a bigger fish in a smaller pond. The more you narrow your focus and define your target market, the less competition you’ll have. It will also be easier to become an expert in the field.

The types of life coaching can be an infinite list, but there is one major caveat when framing your coaching practice within a segment or niche.

Make sure there is a large enough target market for your niche. Will there be enough people seeking your services within your narrow focus? If not, you can be the world’s most respected expert in your coaching niche and not have enough of a client base to become successful.

Choose Your Coaching Niche Wisely

With so many different types of life coaching to select from, the direction you take can make or break your career. Know your target market (size, disposable income, and other demographics), make sure you have the outcomes clients seek, and understand how to reach and market to this specific group.

If you choose wisely, learn the right coaching skills, and implement a targeted marketing plan, success is definitely within reach!

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