How Do You Get to Success Coaching Success?

How do you get to success coaching success, or how do you build your success coaching practice up far enough to where you are making good money, have a stellar reputation, and have a steady stream of clients?

As anyone who has been in the coaching business, you have to market and promote. Two sinister words that can mean the difference between business life or death. You can be the greatest coach in the world, but if no one knows about your superior skills, you will quickly become an ex-coach. Every type of coach, life coaches, executive coaches, wealth coaches, and success coaches, need to market and promote themselves. To get to success coaching success, marketing and promotion are two hideous monsters that must be captured and tamed!

Getting to Success Coaching Success – the One Year Plan

Here you are – you have a certification from an accredited coaching skill, you have some real world experience in a business environment, and you have sufficient training to start a coaching business. But, where do you want to be in a year? You want to get to success coach success. Make sense? Here is how you get there.

Begin by researching and experimenting with various marketing and promotional methods. Yes, you have to sometimes throw it against a wall and see what sticks. No one solution or marketing plan fits every type of coaching practice. If you almost vomit at the thought of marketing, you may want to consider hiring someone to do the promotional work for you, but this will cost you. If money is tight and your marketing budget is slim, you may have to take control of your own marketing machine.

There are ways to market that aren’t too painful. Network at local business and community groups, build a website, join online forums, or create a blog. You can even donate your coaching services to special groups, such as high school students or people who are currently unemployed. There are many different ways to success coaching promotional success.

During your first year, it is important to begin thinking about alternative streams of income. Coaches can make money from many different methods. Your website or blog can be monetized with ad revenue, you can create and sell DVDs, or you can write a book or create a workbook that can be published electronically and sold online. Teaching webinars, group coaching, or giving seminars are additional methods of generating alternative streams of income. Having more than one revenue generating avenue is one of the fastest ways to success coaching success.

Even though you may have completed a coaching program, your first year should be filled with the pursuit of knowledge – your education never ends and you should remain vigorous in your pursuit of knowledge during this first year of coaching. Read books, take courses, meet with other coaches, attend professional seminars – do everything you can to expand your knowledge base and hone your skills.

The final piece of the first year puzzle is your clients. Each and every client you obtain in your first year should be thought of as the most valuable marketing tool you have. They WILL talk to their friends and peers about your services – what do you want them to say? Your reputation and your word-of-mouth advertising, the easiest marketing there is, depends on these early clients. To get to success coaching success, do everything you possibly can to help them get to new levels of achievement and success.

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