Here’s to Your Coaching Success

The end of the year is near and it’s time to ring in the new year with a message to all the coaches out there – here’s to your coaching success in 2014.

For most people, the start of the new year is a time to make New Year’s resolutions; a time to make some promises to yourself to improve your life in some way. However, for resolutions to be truly seen as goals and objectives, it takes some organization and prioritization for them to be part of your coaching success in the coming year.

5 Tips for Your Coaching Success in the New Year

1. Rate aspects of your coaching career from one to ten. Ten would be for aspects where you have a great deal of success and one would be for parts of your coaching business where you have absolutely nothing going. For example, if you have filled up your calender with plenty of clients, then you might rate this as a nine or a ten. However, if you want to begin creating alternate streams of income, but have made no moves to begin this part of your coaching business, then this would rate as a one.

2. Learn to conquer your fears. Most of us are afraid of something – afraid of failure, success, speaking in public, cold calling, trying something new, investing money and time in something new, or anything that is different. For your coach success, find ways to conquer your fears

For example, if you are frightened about public speaking, call up a local organization and offer to give a free seminar. Select a group that is small so you can challenge yourself with as few people as possible. Or, if you are afraid of failing when creating alternate streams of income, go ahead and give it a try. Choose something that doesn’t cost too much money – perhaps start writing some articles and put them on your newly created blog. Writing and blog creation take some time, but very little money, so this is a good place to try something new.

3. Think positive. Perhaps you are already an optimist. Perhaps not. Most people fall somewhere in the middle between optimism and pessimism. If you are like most people, make a genuine attempt to move just a little closer to the optimism end of the line. People who think positive are more likely to succeed.

4. Get more education. As a coach, your school days are never over. You should continually be in pursuit of additional knowledge and skills. Make it a New Year’s resolution to take more courses and learn more skills which will contribute to your coaching success in the new year.

5. Get involved with social media. Some coaches have learned how to use social media to their benefit, but most are way behind the times. Even those that already use it can most likely use it more efficiently. Learn the basics of the most popular sites like Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter. However, there are other sites out in cyberspace like Pinterest, YouTube, and Udemy which are good to use as a promotional tool for any aspect of your coaching business. Your coaching success may depend on your ability to use social media and websites to promote and market. Your coaching success will depend on your ability to try new things and keep moving forward in the new year.

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Fred Philips
Business Coach
Writing Team, Coaches Training Blog Community

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  1. Claire says

    Great tips for the new year! Here’s to all of us! Great success and happiness to our practice this 2014!

  2. Hanna says

    2013 was a great year but let us make 2014 an even better year for us and our business. Great tips to follow for the ensured success of our practice.

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