Have You Thought About Becoming a Fitness Competition Coach?

Here’s another potential coaching niche for you – fitness competition coach. The fitness competition industry has been growing over the past decade or so as more and more people become involved. Because they are a little less focused on muscularity, they appeal to a great percentage of the population.

Fitness Coach
Fitness Coach

What are Fitness Competitions?

As a fitness competition coach, the target market for your services cover several different types of competition. Some of the main ones include:

  • Fitness competition. The first women’s fitness competition was held in 1985, and included an athletic routine, a swimsuit round, and an evening gown portion. The competitions focus much more on athletic routines than normal beauty contest activities.
  • Figure competitions. This is a sub-category of fitness competitions and focuses more on athletic look and body symmetry while avoiding the strenuous athletic routines.
  • Bikini competitions. Another sub-category – this one focuses more on a lean look and also avoids any strenuous athletic routines.
  • Crossfit competitions. This one is outside the fitness competition category, but it an athletic competition for both men and women that has seen tremendous growth in the past few years.

It Just Might be the Right Time to Become a Fitness Competition Coach

For anyone who is already a fitness coach or who is thinking of entering the fitness coaching profession, it just might be a good time to get into fitness competition coaching. More and more people are trying to get in shape and using the services of a fitness coach. Some of these people will discover a passion for fitness competitions.

Why Consider Fitness Competition Coaching?

The number one reason is listed above – the target market seems to be growing, especially with the recent popularity of Crossfit competitions. Though the target market remains smaller than the ones for many other coaching segments or niches, it is growing and expanding. Also, most of the competitors want a coach – it is difficult to compete on a high level without the support, knowledge, encouragement, feedback, and assessments of a coach.

The second reason it’s a great field to consider is that you’ll get to work with other athletes. If you are passionate about fitness and athletic competition, this puts you right in the middle of it. You’ll be working with others who have the same passion and drive as you.

The third reason do work as a fitness competition coach is that you’ll be working with great looking, toned people. Hey, looks aren’t everything, but working with hot people is a motivator for many of us!

How to be a Coach Everyone Wants to Hire

Since the target market is relatively small, you’ll need all the competitive advantages you can get. Here are a few suggestions to make you the one fitness competition coach everyone wants to hire:

  • Have an online presence. People should be able to easily find you, and you should offer some level of online coaching.
  • Offer group sessions. Many individuals involved with fitness competitions are short on cash, so offering a discount for group sessions is a great way to attract more clients.
  • Offer more bang for their buck. Being knowledgeable in fitness, nutrition, diet, weight lifting, cardio, and everything associated with fitness gives your clients more bang for their buck!
  • Be flexible with pricing, discounts, and packages. The fitness competition coach who offers more payment and session choices will most likely attract the most clients.
  • Be knowledgeable about fitness competitions. This may sound obvious, but the more you know about the tricks of the fitness competition trade, the more you can help your clients succeed

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