Got Your Life Coaching Certification – Vancouver? Now What?

Receiving a life coaching certification – Vancouver puts you in a career that combines a range of expertise into one career choice. For some people, becoming a life coach in Vancouver is a relatively quick process, while others work their way toward certification as they work, making the process much slower.

Coaching Certification
Coaching Certification

Taking the Time Needed to Become a Life Coach

Though there’s no need to have any sort of certification, earning a life coaching certification – Vancouver, will put you in a competitive position when marketing for clients. Since coaching is a relatively new specialty, a framework of regulations hasn’t been fully constructed. You do not need to have a certification to open a coaching practice, but the coaching industry has grown over the past few decades and clients have more choices when looking to hire a coach.

Getting a life coaching certification – Vancouver shows potential clients that you have made the effort to gain the knowledge and skills that form a foundation for good coaching. It some ways it’s just a piece of paper, but that piece of paper will attract more clients than you can imagine!

Got Your Life Coaching Certification – Vancouver? Now What?

Your armed and ready with a life coaching certification and set to embark on your new career. Now what?

Here are a few tips for starting a life coaching practice that will give you the best chance at success and prosperity:

Side Job. It’s usually best to start your life coaching career as a side hustle. If you have a job, don’t quit it right away to start a life coaching gig. Keep your 9-5 job and start coaching as a 5-9 job or a weekend gig. If you don’t have anything going on, you might as well put all your time into building your coaching practice, but if you have a steady stream of income, keep that until you have established yourself.

Get help. If you have a small budget to start your business, get some help with websites, social media, and other forms of marketing. It’s very difficult to go it alone. Your life coach certification in Vancouver doesn’t mean you can do everything yourself – it just means you have learned the basics of coaching!

Don’t give up the ship. Becoming successful in coaching takes time. Getting a life coaching certification – Vancouver will put you in the starting gate, but the race (journey?) is a long one. You must be patient and persistent.

Be flexible. As you learn and practice your coaching skills, be open to trying and discarding new skills and exercises. Your coaching toolbox should always remain dynamic. Similarly, you have to be flexible and adaptable when you market your practice. Some things work some of the time, and you have to be able to pinpoint what works when and what doesn’t work whenever. It’s trial and error, and don’t worry about the errors – everyone makes them!

Be yourself. Yes, you may have to change a little with different clients because different people may learn from and react to different styles. Your life coaching certification – Vancouver has provided you with a foundation of knowledge and skills – your own personal style combined with knowledge and skills will make you the best coach you can be.

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