Getting a Spiritual Coaching Certification is Not a Religious Experience

Spiritual coaching certification sounds like a certificate attesting to your understanding of religious spirituality. Sounds like you are ready to start coaching Christians or others who believe deeply in their chosen god.

Spiritual Coaching Certification
Spiritual Coaching Certification – Aleksandr Markin ©

However, spirituality does not necessarily mean religious. Being spiritual does not mean you must subscribe to tenets and dogma of one of the well-known religions. Being a spiritual coach does not mean you are coaching religion.

What is Spirituality?

Sam Harris, a noted author and long-time critic of religion defined spirituality this way: “Spirituality begins with a reverence for the ordinary that can lead us to insights and experiences that are anything but ordinary.”

Being spiritual means you are connected with your those around you, those who have come before you, nature, the planet, and the universe.

What Does a Spiritual Coach Do?

Getting your spiritual coaching certification and becoming a spiritual coach means you will be helping people establish a relationship with and an understanding of the deepest meanings and powers which govern life.

Being a spiritual coach means you are also a transformative coach – someone who develops a sense of spirituality can transform their lives, and perhaps, the lives of those around them.

Why Earn a Spiritual Coaching Certification?

Well, why not? Here are two great reasons:

  1. You can be a coach. It’s a great field and you are in a position to help others reform their lives and achieve their goals and dreams. What a great reward to be a partner with someone as they reach for and achieve their goals. Plus, you get paid for it!
  2. You can be a transformative coach. As mentioned before, helping people get in touch with their spiritual side is a conduit for transformation. As a transformation coach, you focus on your client’s spiritual growth and development, and enhancement and expansion of their knowledge, and on advancement and augmentation of their relationships to people, places, and purpose.

Think of a spiritual coach certification as a transformational coach certification.

Yes You Need a Coaching Certification

There are no set rules for becoming a coach – no educational or licensing requirements. Some people advise individuals that they can become coaches without getting a certification of any formal training.

However, getting a spiritual coaching certification is almost essential in today’s competitive coaching environment. The industry is gradually becoming more professional, and you want to be identified as one of the professionals when you are marketing for clients.

Religion and Spirituality Can Coexist

Though religion and spirituality can be similar, they can also be vastly different. Just because you are spiritual, doesn’t mean you are religious; just because you follow a particular religion doesn’t mean you have an elevated sense of spirituality.

However, they can coexist, and a spiritual coach can work with everyone, from the very religious to the casual churchgoer to an agnostic to an atheist. We are all part of something greater, whether you think that greater force is god or nature or the complexity of the universe. Getting a spiritual coaching certification will give you the tools to work with people who define spirituality in many different ways

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