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There are numerous high school tutors, SAT instructors, private guidance counselors, and others instructing students how to get ahead in high school; there are far less people focused on success coaching for college students. It’s a field open for new coaches seeking a large target market who are desperate for successful outcomes.

Success Coaching
Success Coaching

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College is all about education and socialization. It’s about experiencing those social situations that mold individuals into adults – some of which their parents don’t want to hear about! It’s also about learning the knowledge and skills that will help students become viable job candidates in a very competitive job market. It’s all about setting graduates up for success outside the bubble of academia.

Many first-year college students are unprepared for the four years ahead of them. They need a little help, professional assistance that will make it easier for them to gain the knowledge, skills, motivation, and guidance to help them make the most of their college experience. This is where success coaching for college students comes in.

Success Coaching for College Students – Success for Students

Success coaches for college students can actually start working with students before they get to college. If you want, you can work with students on college entrance exams, college selections, college applications, and preparing for college before they go. Once students are in college they need help – working on time management, socialization, homework habits, note taking, balancing school and fun, and more. They need structure, guidance, accountability, positive reinforcement, and an occasional kick in the butt! As a success coach, you can do this for them.

Success Coaching for College Students – Success for Coaches

Having a defined niche works well for a coach. When you create a niche, you automatically eliminate groups of people from your target market. Success coaching for college students means you will be eliminating everyone who is not a college student.

When defining your niche, you should consider a few things:

  • Is it something you have a passion for? Do you like to work with students and find enjoyment in helping young adults succeed?
  • Can you make a good living? Is the target market large enough? Are there individuals seeking outcomes?
  • Is it possible to market to this target group? Will it be possible to develop a good marketing campaign to reach this group?

The target market of college students looking to succeed (and their parents looking for any help toward their success) is a viable option for coaches for many reasons.

  • It is a relatively large target market. You won’t be a big fish in a small pond, but you can be a big fish in a small lake.
  • There are plenty of individuals seeking positive outcomes, and if you can offer those positive outcomes, you’ll be on track for success in the coaching world.
  • Marketing is easy – well, marketing is not usually an easy thing for most coaches – but this market is easily defined, has many vehicles for promotions, and possesses individuals (or their parents) who are constantly exploring new ways to get better or make things easier.

With the cost of college continuing tor rise, the competition for college increasing, and a highly competitive job market awaiting graduates, success coaching for college students is certainly a viable niche for coaches seeking to work in an exciting and rewarding field, one which possesses the energy and vitality of working with young adults, and the opportunity to make a very good living.

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  1. Alexandria Porter says

    Coaching for college students will definitely be an ideal niche for those looking towards possibilities in the coaching field. Great!!!

  2. Abraham says

    College students will be more than happy if they had someone who could guide them in their career choice and all the other aspects on which their success would depend. The best equation!!!

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