DIY Business Coaching Program

Need a business coaching program to develop, train, or support your team? Unfortunately, a lot of companies do not have standard coaching programs for their people to follow.

DIY Business Coaching Program
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Need a business coaching program to develop, train, or support your team? Unfortunately, a lot of companies do not have standard coaching programs for their people to follow.

This could leave you, as a leader, wondering…

“Where do I begin?”

In my experience, having a ‘do it yourself’ business coaching program that can be modified to fit the needs of any situation is the best answer.

Businesses use coaching programs to provide coaching to their team members, for a variety of uses:

  • Onboarding new employees
  • Training team members in specific skills and mindsets
  • Supporting leaders and managers in complex problem solving and communication
  • Developing team members who want to grow in their careers

Tools to Identify The Root Problem

The starting point of any good business coaching program is identifying the problem you are trying to solve — what do you want your team member to improve upon? If you are an engaged leader that is in tune with your people, this is an easy question to answer.

If you are struggling to pinpoint the issue, there are a few ways you can get to the heart of the issue. My favorite is good old-fashioned observation — spend time with your team members so you can see firsthand what they need to improve on! Other options include feedback sessions with key customers and survey tools that allow people to give feedback or self reporting — let team members tell you what they want to improve upon!

How to Build Buy In

Once you know the issue you are going to take on, you must make sure the team member buys in. This can be the most difficult part of the plan, but I assure you, if you do the hard work here, it will make all the difference in the world. Without buy in, your coaching efforts will be fruitless. Trust me, I have made that mistake before!

How do you get them to buy in? You obviously can’t just tell them. I have found that a simple two-step conversation helps most team members buy into the coaching program. First, I help them see how the issue is negatively impacting them (or their team). After that, I offer my support to help them change it. I believe this technique works because you help them see ‘what’s in it for them’ and you also show them you are invested in them and ready to help!

Depending on the team member, the buy in process may take more than one conversation — that’s OK! Take your time, help them see what you see. Create a safe environment for them to acknowledge the issue and work through it with you. Whatever it takes, I encourage you to make sure you gain buy in before you move to the next step.

Building an Easy to Follow Game Plan

Now that you have identified the issue and you have buy in, you need a plan! My #1 piece of advice is to keep your plan simple and make sure you can measure it!

I think of the game plan as the ‘how to’ component of the business coaching program. This is where you document the action items that will ensure success.

For example, say you are building a coaching plan to help someone improve their training skills. The details of the game plan might look like this:

  1. Select a topic to train on.
  2. Develop a presentation.
  3. Schedule time for a practice run with your leader.
  4. Incorporate leader feedback into your presentation.
  5. Deliver training to your peer group.
  6. Schedule time to review feedback post training with your leader

Each item above will have an agreed upon due date which will support accountability and execution of the plan. During your 1:1 meetings you and the team member can discuss progress to the plan. These meetings can also be used to discuss wins or misses and to course correct if need be.

Build a Business Coaching Program Template and Do It Yourself

Having a DIY template for your business coaching program is one more tool to help you and your team be successful. The final step to in the process is to build a simple, easy to follow template.

My template is in Excel. I love it because it allows me to capture the key components above while easily tracking action items. Whatever you use, keep in mind that your template will be a tool for accountability and a living document that will tell the story of your coaching plan and help you achieve successes!

Developing a business coaching program can be scary but when you break the process down into the 4 simple steps above it really isn’t scary at all! Get out there, figure out what problems you want to solve through coaching and try it today!

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Edna Johnson
Master’s in Business Leadership
Guest Writer, Coaches Training Blog Community

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