Coaching For Leadership By Being Responsive and Responsible

Coaching for leadership means being responsive. If you can teach your clients the power of responsibility and responsiveness, you have endowed them with a valuable tool that they can use in both their personal and business lives. However, if you are going to teach responsibility and responsiveness, you better possess and exhibit these traits on a daily basis. Being a role model is one of the best ways to teach your clients and to show off your coaching for leadership skills.

The Best Way to be Responsive and Responsible

The best and easiest was to show how responsive you are is to return messages. No matter how busy you are or inconsequential the message may seem, respond as quickly as you can. Whether it is a phone message, an email, or a note from a carrier pigeon, it is fairly easy to respond.

In this digital age, initial contacts are often made through email. Whether it is a first time inquiry, a potential new client, or a long-time client, email is one of the preferred means of communication in the 21st century. One rule – if you get an email, answer the damn thing as quickly as you can. It’s not like the old days, when you had to write or type a letter, stick it in an envelope, locate the recipient’s address, write the address on the envelope, find a stamp, and then put it in a mail box. Just hit reply, type your response, and then hit send, and voila, you have sent an email.

Even if you don’t have the full answer to a sender’s question, or if you are swamped with other work, it is extremely easy to hit a quick reply – “Hey, got your email, I’ll get back to you a little later and let you know.” or, something along those lines. Same day responses are an absolute necessity in the coaching world. Leadership requires action, even action as seemingly trivial as sending a return email. Being a coach for leaders means that you better show your clients that even the smalls things count.

Coaching is a highly competitive field and you want to show responsibility and be responsive…or your clients or potential clients might head for more responsive coaches. Even if you are on vacation and have severed all contact with electronic devices, you can still set up an automatic, out-of-the-office reply. Coaching for leadership means taking care of business even if you are on vacation or away from the office.

Whether the original message is from the phone, text, email, or Morse Code, it is often easy to respond by email. It is quick, simple, requires no face-face, or voice-to voice contact yet it shows some sense of responsibility and a level of responsiveness that tells others that you care. By not responding in a reasonable amount of time, it may show others that you DON’T care. You do care, don’t you? Well, show it!

Coaching for Leadership Means Showing off Your Inner Leader

When helping others find the leader within, it means you must display your own inner leader. If you can’t respond in a timely fashion, potential clients, current clients, former clients, or peers may not see that inner leader and may think your coaching for leadership is worthless. Your inner leader must be responsive and responsible or no one will even know you have an inner leader. You want to coach leaders? Provide leadership by doing the small things – coaching for leadership means being responsible and responsive, even if it’s just replying to an email.

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