Christian Coach Training – The Complete Guide? – Does it Exist?

Is there such a book as “Christian Coach Training – The Complete Guide?” I didn’t find any with that exact name, but there is one called The Complete Guide to Christian Coach Training, by Linda C. Hedberg.

Coaching Training
Coaching Training

The Complete Guide to Christian Coach Training

This book is a comprehensive overview of 17 of the top Christian coaching training programs. It provides a good look at the field of Christian coaching and gives the reader insight into what the field is all about. The latest edition, published in 2015, is the sixth edition of this book. But, is this really Christian Coach Training – the Complete Guide, or would that book have different information?

What is Christian Coaching?

Christian coaching is life coaching within the framework of Christian principles. A Christian coach helps clients develop, grow, and achieve goals just like any life coach. However, they do it within the boundaries of the Christian faith.

Coaches are able to guide their clients by asking these four questions in some form:

  • What do you want?
  • How can you get what you want?
  • Are you committed to taking action to get what you want?
  • How will you be able to measure whether or not you got exactly what you want?

Framing these questions within Christian principles and guidelines forms the basis of Christian coaching, and if I were writing the book, “Christian Coach Training – The Complete Guide?” a good portion of the book would be concerned with these questions.

Christian Coach Training – The Complete Guide?

My book, if I were inclined to write one about Christian coach training would start at the beginning – how to become a Christian coach. It would include a section on how to do a self-assessment – to see if you have the right personality trait and attributes to be a coach.

The next section of “Christian Coach Training – The Complete Guide?” would include information on coaching programs and certifications. How do you find the right program for your needs? How do you get the most out of your training?

The third section would cover business subjects – how to start a business, how to market and promote, how to budget, how to attract and keep clients. It would also cover ways to create additional products for your practice, and make even more money.

The next section would cover the coaching itself as mentioned above. It would cover active listening, feedback, interviewing, various coaching tools and exercises, identification of goals, and creating action plans to reach those goals. It would analyze those four questions listed above in depth, and how to apply them in your coaching sessions. I would attempt to provide complete coverage of Christian coaching (though it would be impossible to be absolutely complete!).

The final section of my book, “Christian Coach Training – The Complete Guide?” would be inspirational – containing information about the joys and benefits of coaching. It would provide inspirational quotes that you could use in your sessions. It would finish with a significant statement on the power of coaching and the importance of coaches, all within a Christian framework.

Since I haven’t actually written this book, you might want to check out The Complete Guide to Christian Coach Training, by Linda C. Hedberg. It has valuable information on Christian coach training and serves as a useful introduction to the field.

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