Choosing the Right Accredited Training Programs for Coaches

Accredited training programs for coaches are like fast restaurants – they are ubiquitous and competing for your business. That’s a good thing!

However, the fact that almost anyone with a website can start an accredited training program for coaches means that you will need to perform a certain level of research and make sure to do your due diligence before you sign up for one of these programs.

Accredited Training Programs
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Choose Wisely and Choose Accredited

One of the keys to choosing the right coach training programs is in the title of this article – accredited. Many unaccredited programs exist, and though some of them are good (and may be working toward accreditation), it is a good move to only look at those accredited by a governing body like the International Coach Federation.

Do Your Homework

Since accredited training programs come in all shapes and sizes, it is important for you to take the time and do some research on any program you are considering. Look for reviews and testimonials, call or email the program with all the questions you may have, and seek out anyone who have gone through the program. Not all coaching programs are created equal, and it is incumbent on you to do your homework!

Which Accredited Training Programs Fit Your Needs?

Does the cost of the program fit your budget? Do the classes fit your needs (schedule or remote learning)? Do they teach in the manner in which you learn best (remote learning, classroom setting, etc.)? These are all questions you need to ask before you sign on the dotted line.

What is the Specialty of the Coaching Program?

If you want to become a money coach, why not look for a program that specializes in wealth coaching? If you are starting out, you may not have a specialty, and are just focused on learning the coaching skills and knowledge you need to get started. However, if you already know what specialty or niche you want to pursue, or if you are an experienced coach who is considering a specific specialty, it’s a good move to look at coaching programs that work within that specialty or niche.

Do You Know How to Run a Business?

If you are going to open your own coaching practice, you need to know how to operate a business. Some coaching programs offer classes in starting and maintaining a business. If you think you lack the entrepreneurial skills and knowledge needed to run a business, it might be a wise move to look at accredited training programs for coaches that also have information and classes on the businesses side of the profession.

Get Started Now

Whether you are just seeking to enter the coaching, are looking to gain more knowledge and skills, or want to change directions and work on a new specialty or niche, there are many great accredited training programs for coaches from which to select. Do your homework and choose wisely, but noting will get you to where you want to be unless you get started.
So…get started now!

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    Since there are a lot of websites that talk about training programs for coaches, it is important to know which one will actually help you.

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